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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Another Sick Day... 
charlie sick, sick in bed

We were planning to go to work today -- and I was supposed to have Donn in. But Marilyn was very sick this morning (yes, again -- or still), so we stayed home.

I was iMessaging with our friend Adeena today, who wants the three of us to go to the show. So when I mentioned we were still sick, she asked about seeing a doctor. Needless to say, done that. I explained that it's a virus and they can't do anything. Believe me, as annoying as it is for our family and friends, it's not like we're happy about it. We're very sick of being sick.

And on the sad side, Marilyn said this sickness has made her feel old. Poor thing...

Talked to the actual home owner of the house behind us today (he rents it out). Then later, to his property manager, Kim. So they're sending out a tree service to tend to the curly willow.

I did some work-related emails, got on the Server remotely to do some work, and spoke to both Christine and Rich. I need to do a News item for the website about Sanctioned Events. Christine is trying to set up a meeting for Thursday with Inflow...

I walked Rich through how to use Outlook's web app, so he could access Danielle's email.

I did make a big brunch of hominy, eggs and bacon. The for a late dinner we ate one of the Amy's frozen dinners (healthy food).

And I slept for hours! I was trying to read, but did very little of it. It was wonderful to be able sleep...

Marilyn and I did watch some Christmas shows on TV tonight. And played our game on our iPads, too.

Tonight June iMessaged me about her computer, which has issues. I'm going to talk to Donn about it. I want to get together with June and teach her more about her iPad, because I think she'd love using it once she got used to it.

I didn't know she had polyps removed during her colonoscopy. That's actually surgery (having something cut out of her body), so she needs some recovery time. She also has diverticulitis, which our friend Leslie also has so bad. It requires avoiding a lot of foods, like popcorn (!!!), nuts and seeds. How does that suck?

Well, work tomorrow!

December 17, 2014 (Wednesday) 10:24 am (UTC)
Wow will we all ever be completely over this bug. I feel a tiny bit better tonight, but just cannot sleep. I fall asleep for three minutes and then wake up and feel terrible. If I could rest maybe I would feel better. It was very cold out in Fairview tonight so I went inside and sat out of the cold and wind. Nicole had no help and was so tired when we got done. Then we got home and I fixed a dinner and she had soup. Only a few more days this week and she will have two weeks off of school which will be nice. Next Tuesday she gets her braces back on. Please feel better and take care. Love you both.
December 20, 2014 (Saturday) 01:28 pm (UTC)
I hope you manage to shake this virus! It certainly seems to hold on!