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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Thanhouser Studio Documentary 

Tonight Marilyn and I attended Ned Thanhouser's documentary about the Thanhouser Studio (link goes to an Oregonlive.com article). His grandparents started this business at the turn of the century, creating THOUSANDS of the very first-ever movies ever made!

We were invited to attend the opening months back, so there was no way we were missing it, even though we still aren't feeling great. And we're both delighted we went! It was even better than we thought it would be!

If you don't have an appreciation for silent films, this documentary could really help you to gain one. Ned has made it part of his life's work to find and restore these priceless films.

After the filming and Ned's Q&A, we had a chance to buy teo DVDs with some of the movies, which I did. I can't wait to watch them!

I was up all night long. I barely dozed at all. My shoulder was killing me, and I just couldn't get to sleep. Marilyn hopes this is a cold in the muscle, and not the start of a frozen shoulder (like she had in both shoulders!).

Just when I fell asleep, Donn phoned. Email was down at the festival office and Donn had been unable to reach Kris (surprise). So I got up and started working on it. I went in to the Server Remotely to see what I could do. I used to be able to fix this issue before the 'new' Server, but email is now separate, and you do things in the Exchange.

I went back and forth with Donn and Christine at the office via phone. I tried repeatedly to call Kris. I even tried to call Karl (an IT friend of Kris). Finally Kris got back to me, and I explained the problem. We'd lost email around 5:00 a.m. today.

I asked Kris if he could show me how to fix this, but he said no -- so I guess we'll be in the same situation in the future. This has happened many times in the past, from time to time (it's random). It's a common bug, so we have to live with it.

But this is a good time to address the issues we face with our email and trying to get people to follow the office policies, which may well cause this problem.

I also spoke to Hector, to let him know Chuck would be taking care of the tree out back. However, later I spoke to Chuck, and it looks like he won't be doing the work. I guess we're either using Hector (who says it will cost $600), or we'll need to use Hector's tree guy (and it will cost far more). We're thinking the tree out front might run as much as $1,000.

I'm assuming I already explained that our insurance won't cover an 'act of God,' so this is out of pocket. But it's unsafe, so it needs to happen.

I did call the rental company of the house behind us, so we can discuss it. The tree in back is against the neighbor's house, and could damage their siding. And it could also take out our cedar fence. What a mess. We loved that tree and will miss it. It's dead, but not dead enough to be light so it would be easier to manage.

I did try and sleep for part of today, to make up for last night. Gosh, I was cranky part of the, being so sleepy. It's always worse when you don't feel well...

June eMessaged me while we were out. They have a $500 deductible, which we're going to pay. I guess they now need to find someone to actually fix it. June said something about Jim fixing it, but that seems like a huge pain to me.

I need to talk to her about it, but I couldn't do that tonight, while we were out.

Sister Sue wanted to come by today. I want to see her, but I just needed to sleep.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we'll both be back at work. There are five more work days left in December for us (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and next Tuesday). Donn is coming in tomorrow.

Next weekend Donn will tackle Carol's computer. I hope it goes better than Christine's and Tanya's did! (sigh)

We need to get to bed soon. I'm still not caught up on my sleep.

More tomorrow.

December 16, 2014 (Tuesday) 09:40 am (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed the films and hope you feel better soon. It seems like we are not able to get well. I feel a little better now tonight and hope I will be good tomorrow. Need to take Nicole out to her work with the cats in Fairview. Then Candy has been taking her on Friday nights so that makes it easier for me.

The whole expense for the trees and damage sure was not what you needed now. I feel so bad about it for you. Just when you were going to catch up a bit now all of this. I am not able to sleep much and do try to nap a little during the day.
December 20, 2014 (Saturday) 01:27 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear about all the expenses with the trees and such. I hope it works out.

The silent movie thing sounds very cool! Some of those old movies are really cool!