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Marilyn and I Attended The Nutcracker

Donn and I had to talk out how to deal with Christine's computer. Every so often a computer gets corrupted somehow and cannot 'see' the Server correctly. It's happened a couple of times in the past, and we haven't been able to find a solution. So he took one of our spares and used it. That means he had to put in two long days on the one computer, but it's okay. At least he got it done. He's just doing an amazing job! I'm really pleased with him.

Anyway, I had to log in to the Server to check things out. There was no simple answer, however...

Several things happened at the same time today. Our neighbor was at the door for our cans (he takes them every week), Hector was out in the back yard to check on the tree and discuss both trees and Donn was trying to contact me (about the above-related IT stuff).

I jumped into some clothes and gave Cliff the cans, then ran out to chat with Hector. Then I took wine over to our neighbor Chuck for him and his brother (plus a bottle of Crown Royal for him). We discussed our tree situation, and I think it's going to work out like this: Chuck will remove the tree out back, and Hector will bring in his tree guy for the tree out front.

Then I went and talked to neighbors Rebecca and Sami (who live behind us with Brian). They were fine with Chuck coming on their property and the roof of their house to access the tree (which is against their house), so he can take it out. Hector had bid $600 on the back tree, but Chuck offered to do it for only the cost of dumping the wood, which can't be used (around $100, he thinks). No clue about that front tree, but it's sounding expensive, that's for sure...

Then I took a bottle of wine to Jim. June got up and we chatted, then she gave me my birthday card and presents. She gave me an awesome gift! It's a cool pillow -- and I've always wanted one, as I'm constantly turning my pillow over and over! (True since I was a kid.) Plus some neat flashlights, too!

I helped her a little with her iPad, then went to look at her computer. Her Adobe Flash wouldn't update, for whatever reason. It's a security issue, so many people (including me!) avoid the use of Flash at all.

She has an exciting new Christmas CD I'd love to hear, but I was anxious to get home and rest, before going out tonight.

The minute I got home I laid down, but I couldn't get to sleep. My feet were just SO COLD that it was nearly painful, and I couldn't seem to warm them. I did finally get them warmed up, but by then it was time to get ready to go. I was so cranky that I tried to talk Marilyn out of going. But I'm glad she didn't let me!

We got ready and got there just fine, even though we'd never been there before. GPS is a wonderful thing!

The Nutcracker was wonderful! Both Aisha and her dad, Brian, did great! Aisha got to dance three different roles. And Brian had a lead adult role! (I mentioned seeing them in The Nutcracker in 2011 HERE.) Marilyn and I bought them both flowers and wrote them notes -- then they deliver these to them backstage. Isn't that cool?

It was really a good performance, with wonderful sets, beautiful costumes (stunning!!!) and great direction and performances.

Unfortunately, the wind was so bad that they lost power halfway through. So we had to wait around 45 minutes for the power to come back up, and the show to continue. But it was worth the wait!

The drive home was very scary! The wind was really pushing our car around. And the route we used took us over the Glenn Jackson Bridge, which is the last place you want to be in high winds! I was praying out loud as Marilyn struggled to hold the car! Awful. But as we got closer to home, there was barely any wind at all! Hard to believe.

More Amy's food for our late dinner. (We might have gone out again, if we hadn't gotten home so much later than planned, due to the power thing.)

We're both struggling with our bug (yes, still). I can't wait for us to get over it...

I got chilled during the power outage (Marilyn did, too). The had the doors open due to the darkness and it was quite chilly (and windy). So I somehow got a chill in my right shoulder. My, but it hurts! (sigh) Not anybody's fault, but ouch.

We have another event to attend tomorrow. I have to deal with IT and the trees tomorrow, but I plan to try and sleep a lot, if I can...

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