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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Twist Your Dickens 
eggnog, nog

Marilyn and I slept in again today. We're both very, very puny (or punk, as we often say). I can't recall the last time I've been so weak. Sleep seems essential right now, I have to say.

Anyway, the exciting thing today was that we were going out to see the Portland Center Stage production of "Twist Your Dickens" at the Gerding Theater at the Armory (which is located downtown on NW 11th). Our friend (and co-worker) Angel appeared in it today, so he gave us free tickets to attend -- and we got to sit with his wife Cathy and son Taylor. (Marilyn bought all four of us drinks before the show -- she and I both had egg nog with rum! Yummy!)

It was so entertaining. And the performers were amazingly talented and skilled. Wow! Very irreverent and hilariously funny! And we were very proud of Angel, who did a great job.

Afterwards, we walked back to the car (we had to park blocks and blocks away), then we went out for Chinese food. It had been awhile since we'd been out, so it was a lot of fun, too.

Then we came home and I almost immediately fell asleep. I could barely read a few words before I was out!

Marilyn has been the same way, falling asleep sitting up. She's just exhausted right now, and this past week was hard on her. Just too much.

This bug we've both had -- and are apparently still fighting -- is really nasty. And lingering. Marilyn is much worse this evening -- really bad again. I'm worried.

And I'm not recovered entirely, either. Every time I have to tackle the stairs going up from our family room, I realize I'm walking slowly, and holding on to the rail more than usual. And I feel done it, which is never normally true!

We had to go shopping at Walmart tonight, and we usually go late (around midnight). We stopped by Sue's (we go to the store in Washington state, so Sue's house is on the way) to drop off the two wine glasses (she might see her friend Nancy tomorrow) and the "Winter Wonderland" at PIR pass.

We needed to do a bunch of shopping, as we hadn't been there in ages. We like to get our bottled water, soda and paper products there. Plus they carry our cat food. And every Christmas we get our cat socks there (they are the only ones that have them!!!).

Washington state Wallmarts can sell alcohol, by the way. Marilyn and I got boxed sets to use as our gifts for the gift exchange -- these are really cool! Every year the people who but bottles are the most popular gifts, so...

Marilyn was getting sicker and sicker while we were out. By the time we got home, I sent her down to the family room to lie down, then I put stuff away. She shouldn't have even helped unpack the car! She might be relapsing. Or maybe she didn't ever really get over it -- she was just going on adrenaline because she had to get back to work.

Right now she's sound asleep, even though the TV is on and characters keep shouting at each other (the show she put on before going to sleep).

This entry is actually being written on Sunday (December 14), by the way. But I wanted it to be my December 13 entry, so I put a placeholder post here before we left for Walmart.

Well, we're supposed to go out tomorrow, too. To see the Nutcracker. Carol's husband Brian and daughter Aisha are both performing in it. In fact, Brian has quite a large role this year! We saw them both perform the year before last, but missed out on it last year. These always sell out! In fact, they added another performance -- and it sold out, too! Angel told us today that he'd wanted to go, but was too late trying to get tickets.

In spite of all this, if Marilyn isn't much better tomorrow (well, later TODAY, that is!), then I think we should stay home... (sigh)

Oh! We got some Amy's frozen dinners at Walmart. (We got some recently at Target, too.) These are super healthy meals -- and they taste good! I had a vegan spaghetti with meatballs (non-meat, of course) that I really liked! And Marilyn had the Mexican bowl. We want to try more of them. It makes eating healthy a lot easier...

The cats are really hung up on Temptations cat treats. So I got more at Walmart. But I'm mixing these into their normal food when I give them to Henry and Colin. Yes, it's a trick. But I want them to eat less snacks, and get more actual food. And it seems to work. I think part of the whole treat thing is the routine. I give them the treats in one spot only upstairs (the living room hearth) and one spot only downstairs (near the fireplace). So when I was out earlier today, I just gave them regular food, and they ate it. (smile) So maybe it's partly about special attention, as much as the 'kitty junk food' (as I call it). Boy, they do LOVE Temptations! They must be yummy like Cheetos, or french fries! (grin)

Heading to bed now!

December 15, 2014 (Monday) 09:18 am (UTC)
So sorry to hear you are both sicker, but I am not surprised with all of the being out in the cold, and the lights going out at the show. Hope you can both feel better real soon. I feel punk too, but not near as bad as both of you. Love the wine glasses they are so pretty. Thank you so much.
December 20, 2014 (Saturday) 01:22 pm (UTC)
The show sounds cool. I'm glad you got to go, even not feeling well.
But, sad if going out caused a relapse.