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Missed the Annual Toy Drive

I can't even SAY how much I resent having to stay home on the day of our Toy Drive at work! We partner with KPTV Channel 12/FOX and Les Schwab Tires and have our office building (which is downtown in an easy place to pull into with a car), which is decorated by Hollywood Lights. We end up with fake snow (very cool!) and light effects on the side of our building and so on. Plus we bring over the Clown Prince float -- which is a colorful giant throne parade float. People come to sing, play instruments and help greet people donating toys. Plus obviously we have a bunch of TV coverage, both for hours in the morning, then again for hours in the evening.

Last year I not only helped greet, but I got to sing on TV. But, of course, I couldn't have sung this year! So annoying!!!

Our Queen was there, and so was one of the princesses. And naturally Angel, who is our mascot Clown Prince was there. Plus several other members of our Clown Corps. And Frank (our current President) spoke. I saw Marilyn on TV three different times, which was really cool!

Poor Rich was getting sick today, and ended up having to go home early. (He manages our interactions with the media.) Not surprised he's sick -- this bug is just making the rounds!

As for my day, I did very little. I tried to stay down, mostly -- and I slept a ton again. Why can't I shake this damn bug?

I did spend some time messing around with Wattpad today. I'm excited to start using it. I really, really, really want to start WRITING on a regular basis!

The Toy Drive was very successful -- and I was glad to see it on TV, at least.

I am really trying NOT to talk much, or get cold at all. The only time I stepped outside was to get the mail, staying on the porch, and out of the rain. As much as I would have loved to have Starbucks, I didn't even consider it...

Mac and cheese with green beans for dinner -- very yummy!

Marilyn had to be at work REALLY EARLY and got home REALLY late, poor thing! That's always true on Toy Drive day...

That's it for today.

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