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Pedicures and Manicures -- "Blue Bloods"

Marilyn has gotten us started watching a new (for us) TV show, Blue Bloods," which started Season 5 this past September. I'm surprised that we didn't always watch it for several reasons: We've always been Tom Selleck fans, we love family dramas and we've always liked cop shows. And this is a good show, with good writing, good casting and good direction.

Naturally, I can't help comparing it to "Revenge." Sorry, "Revenge," you wish!

So we've been watching old episodes, and enjoying them a ton. You know, Tom Selleck is one hell of a fine act! We've been watching him since he appeared on "The Rockford Files" in the episode "White on White and Nearly Perfect." We loved him on "Magnum, P.I." (1980-1988). He aged great, too.

"Blue Bloods" is old-school TV in the best meaning of the term. It's a delight to watch. Which shows how much fun it is to discover a show that's been on for several seasons. We like watchig lots of episodes to 'catch up' with a series...

Today was another day sleeping in. I just can't seem to shake the end of this damn bug! I can't say how sad I feel to be facing our Toy Drive without a singing voice! Getting to sing with the choir last year was a huge pleasure -- a real highlight for me! This nasty, nasty bug just sucks so much!

Marilyn and I finally got over to have our pedicures and manicures done. I got a coppery color on my toes, with a copper-based glitter on top. Really pretty! Marilyn got a blue-ish glitter on her toes. And she got a lovely platinum on her fingers. I got a wine-colored red on my fingers, that has a slightly blue-ish cast to it. The manicurist wanted to put snowflakes on, and she was so excited to do it that I finally agreed (it cost an extra $10, but it took her a lot of extra time, and is actual art). Yes, as Marilyn pointed out, these women are pressed by management to get us to spend more money. But what she created is amazing! Hand-drawn and so careful. She put snowmen on both thumbs, which surprised me (she hadn't said she was doing it). You should have seen her doing the work! I as an art student and painted myself, so I appreciate talent and skill when I see it.

We stopped at Target (of all places) and did some shopping. We got enough things so if we didn't later go out to Freddies or Walmart, we'd be fine. Good thing, too! Because of course I came home, had a bite to eat and slept again for hours! But at least we have pop and medicine and so on.

I had planned to go to work tomorrow, but Marilyn convinced me to stay home. Maybe another day taking it easy will help. I was in a terrible sweat and shaking and puny while at the nail shop, and then shopping, so...

Before I entirely forget, Donn was at the office today to make sure there was a smooth transition for Shelley with her new OS. He's done a GREAT job, and she's up and running with Windows 7.

Anyway, I'll go in for the Toy Drive on Wednesday. It's always a very big day.

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