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Huge Loss on "Revenge" -- Audrey's Bday

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. It was also the birthday of a very dear friend, who has been dead for many years now. (Actually, Audrey died on December 11, 2001. She was 74 years old -- which doesn't seem all that old, frankly...) I was thinking about Audrey on and off all day long. Missing the entire family. (She was our friend Mitch's mother...)

This was yet another do-nothing day. Marilyn and I slept in very late (but we were up really late, too). And I'm still struggling with the end of this bug, even though I'm starting to feel better, at long last. (sigh)

Watched "The Quartet" again today. As I've mentioned before, this 2012 film is one of my favorite movies, featuring Maggie Smith as Jean Horton, Tom Courtenay as Reginald "Reg" Paget, Billy Connolly as Wilfred "Wilf" Bond and Pauline Collins as Cecily "Cissy" Robson. I can't recommend it highly enough! And it's very much worth watching more than one time.

"Revenge" was on tonight. The writers have been BRAGGING about killing off yet another character (shudder), so we knew they were going to do so. And we'd had a pretty good idea who it would be, too. They already killed off our favorite character last season (Conrad Grayson), and now they killed off our second favorite tonight. I won't say who and spoil, but it's trending -- so if you've been online at all, you probably already know.

(The whole spoiling thing makes me nuts. If you don't want to know, then don't go online. Don't blame others for discussing what's currently important -- and news. I just don't get it. I really don't... Oh well. I get tired of being beat up, so I try not to spoil. But really???)

Even though we knew, we're sad. It's a big loss for the series.

Last week we had a loss for "The Walking Dead" of a major character, too. I think it's safe to mention that it was Beth, who had been on the show since the group had been at the Greene farm. Sad.

We're back to the subject of constant TV deaths, yet again. Makes me want to have a good cry about Davy Crockett. Hahaha.

I'm off to wash my hair. Then we have to dash out and shop, even though we don't want to. (sigh)

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