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Still Recovering -- Lots of Sleep

I slept in very late today. Then I took a long nap in the afternoon. Aside from that, I did spend some time writing, which I really enjoyed.

And I actually cooked a meal today: Fried eggs, hominy and bacon, with toast. Yummy.

Donn was in the office today, working on Shelley's computer, getting Win7 set up.

Marilyn and I played our game, and watched some TV.

We didn't go shopping, even though we needed to. But whatever. I just want to take it easy and try to finally get over this damn bug.

June and I had a lovely talk on the phone, so that was nice!

SNL had some classic skits tonight! We watching it now and loving it!

Tags: 2014, computers-at-work, december-2014, donn, food, june, marilyn, sick, sleep, sleeping, snl, tv, windows-7, writing

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