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My Birthday

Today was my birthday.

I stayed in bed in the morning, for the most part. I did get dressed and go outside to make sure our yard was okay in the back. We've been having a LOT of rain recently, I certainly didn't want to deal with flooding today.

I'm still struggling with this bug. And still fighting laryngitis. But that didn't keep me from doing a lot of talking, seeing as I got many calls from people with bday greetings today. Cousin Linda called, I talked to Donn, I spoke to sister Sue several times, I talked to my friend Mark, my friend Shari called (and we talked for ages -- I was amazed that she recalled my birthday, as she's had some memory problems), Christine called -- and of course I talked to Marilyn many times, too.

It was garbage and recycling day, so I gathered all the garbage and put it in the can (it doesn't go out until next week). And I gathered and took out all the recycling.

I had called my friend June, and she gave me the message from Jim that he didn't need my composting roll bin this week. Stupid me! Jim and I have the agreement that I won't put food down in the bottom (it makes a terrible mess!) -- I'm supposed to let him put leaves, etc. On the bottom, then add food (it's much less messy. But I'd stuck a pizza box inside, with food in it. I'd figured he'd pile leaves on top, and it wouldn't make a big mess. So I went out in the afternoon and managed to yank the box out of the bottom (without it spilling). Then I raked up some leaves and put them in. I also broke up the big branch in the yard and added that. It really took a lot of energy to do that! I had to put my body weight into breaking it small enough to fit! I added more leaves, then put the box back in, plus the huge bowl of green tomatoes that had begun to spoil, and some other food compost items. Then I rolled it to the curb -- boy, was it heavy!

I still haven't cleaned the cat boxes yet, but that's the last thing I need to do...

Freaky thing today? Loud noises upstairs! I was blaming Colin. But later both cats were in the family room with me and I muted the TV, intending to go lie down and get more sleep (which NEVER happened, I'm afraid). It turns out there was some creature in the fireplace!!!

Because of not feeling well and being tired, I got pretty worked up and upset about it. We once had a bird in the fireplace, and dealing with getting it out is a nightmare. Happily, Marilyn and I talked it through and we're just leaving the critter inside. It's probably a squirrel nesting in the chimney. Anyway, it can't harm anything in there. But if it got loose in the house, it could cause some serious issues! It might get into the house and into the walls and wiring. It could harm one of us. It could spread dirt (including ashes) and/or germs in the house. And so on.

Unless it really starts bothering us, we're just going to let it be. Save the trouble and money of finding someone to remove -- and certainly leave it alone ourselves!

Other annoyance? The home phones don't appear to be working. I had no trouble for most of the day, but many issues with them later in the day when talking to both Sue and June. I was ready to pull my hair out it was so upsetting!

There were a lot of bothersome moments today, I have to say...

Sue got sick, and couldn't join us for dinner. So Marilyn and I went alone.

Highlights of my day: I really did enjoy my dinner! (Marilyn was unhappy that our drinks were so sour -- she barely touched hers. But I drank mine!) Unfortunately, we couldn't have ice cream there, which meant I didn't get to wear the birthday hat -- a disappointment! (I wanted photos of me in that hat, as I've never had them before... Well, maybe next year.) but we had ice cream at home when we got back, and it was yummy! I made coffee and got us two big bowls of the very creamy vanilla!

Yes, I loved my rice and beans at dinner! (And brought home a taco to eat later!) It was so sweet of Marilyn to take me out to dinner after her long work day. (I was sorry Sue missed it. And we invited June and Jim last minute, so they weren't able to join us. We would have invited them earlier, but we didn't even decide to go until the last minute. It's okay -- we'll go out with them another time soon, I'm sure. And with Sue, too...)

I got a lovely card and gift from my friends Charold and Rich! While they were in Great Britain, they got me a really beautiful scarf made in Wales! The colors perfectly match one of my favorite tops, which is amazing. I wore both to dinner, and will probably wear them to work tomorrow.

The festival had goodies for me at Staff meeting on Tuesday, the same as last year (yes, I missed it this year, just like last year... heh...) They sent a card home that everybody signed.

One of the other highlights of the day? Watching "Peter Pan Live" on TV tonight. And I don't care about the reviews -- I loved it. It would take a lot to explain, and I need to go wash my hair, so I'll save it for another time. But Peter Pan has deep meaning for me. It was special that it aired on my bday!

Tomorrow? So much to catch up with at work. I just can't wait for the day to be OVER.

Mark's dad is apparently improving. I'll keep everybody posted.

Thanks to those of you who shared birthday greetings with me today! It really means a lot. And I had many greetings at Facebook, too. Really nice!

What a day! Both good and annoying -- I'm sure I won't forget it.

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