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I Love My Sisters!

I never let a day pass without counting my blessing, but some days I feel especially blessed. I'm sitting here and thinking how fortunate I am to have such wonderful sisters. They both are so kind to me.

Marilyn once again insisted that I stay home today, even though I had very much planned to go to work. (So I was going to go in tomorrow, and she is again insisting I stay home. She's really worried about me, as I keep struggling with laryngitis -- yes, still!) It was pretty lovely to sleep in this morning, that's for sure! And I took another nap in the evening, before Marilyn came home (late!) from work. (She had a killer work day. And had to walk out to meetings, getting COLD -- which means she's worse tonight, I'm afraid.)

And sister Sue just tickled me today, when she talked about her watching HER show, and me watching "Dragnet" (these are on at the same time, from 11:00-noon). Not sure WHY that pleased me so much, but it did!

Managed to get a hair appointment today, for a cut. This was supposedly with a different hairdresser, as Dee was booked. Sue very kindly took me to this appointment, which was at 2:00. But when I got there, Dee was free and did my cut! I had the strong feeling that she went out of her way to be available -- maybe even changing her schedule. I guess she was worried about another person cutting my hair...

After that, Sue took me shopping so I could but hair color. I also picked up yogurt for Marilyn (she's supposed to have it with her antibiotics), some apples and a couple other things. She's having a reaction to these meds, which is no surprise to either of us. Antibiotics are wonderful, of course, but they're also very hard on the body...

We got Starbucks while there, then headed back. Sue is really excited about her current book, which I totally can relate to.

Speaking of, I really liked the recent book I read, "The Old Man and the King," by author Joe Corso. He started writing at 75, and has written 15 books and 9 short stories, to date! How about that? It's pretty inspirational!

The book has a 72-year-old protag -- a delightful character! I love the concept of older heroes, as I've said before. And there's a romance with this character, as well. You know, just because you age, that doesn't mean you don't have the same feelings younger people do!

I'd recommend that book for all ages, by the way. But if you're older, you'll probably enjoy it even more. It's quite the action/adventure story!

There are a couple of other books I want to mention, but I'll save them for another time...

My friend Mark (the video guy) whom I've mentioned many times needs good thoughts and prayers. His father is seriously ill in the hospital. Thanks, everyone!

By the way, I mentioned you to my friend Donn, telling him about your good wishes for Shane. He was quite moved.

Fail: I did NOT get my hair colored today. I just couldn't face standing up to do it. But at least the roots aren't showing that much since my hair cut!

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