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Donn Fixs My Computer -- IT Meeting (Busy Day!)

Marilyn suggested I stay home today -- and have my meeting with Donn here, instead of in the office. Plus, I've needed to get him here to work on my computer, so that was a good idea. My computer was really acting up yesterday, so I knew it needed to be done now.

I did sleep in, which was wonderful. I'm still not feeling that great, but I managed to be pretty functional today. When I did get up, it was only 60' in the house! So I turned up the heat and ran back under the covers, until it warmed up. The cats were really snuggled up, believe me!

I had a nice chat with sister Sue, who is feeling worse. I don't know how she could get up enough to go to her cribbage tournament this past weekend. I've spent so much time flat on my back the past two weeks, while sick with this bug.

I did pick up around our house a little. And I did some website work for the festival today. (We're announcing the official rose for 2015 tomorrow. Plus I had some other News work to do.) I backed up a few things, worrying a bit about protecting my data. (That wasn't necessary, by the way.)

Donn came over and we had coffee and donuts and he started the computer, then we began our meeting.

Donn hooked up the new D: drive on my computer and cloned my old D: drive (on to the new one). Then he actually installed the new drive (removing the old one). Finally he renamed the new drive, so my computer would see it as the D: drive.

Marilyn and I have dual hard drives for this very reason, by the way! If one drive fails, we only have to replace either our C: drive (system drive) or D: drive (data drive). Works great!

We discussed a ton of projects and subjects during our meeting. There's a lot to get done before the end of the year! This coming weekend should be very busy. Donn was here for hours, but my computer seems to be fixed (fingers crossed!).

(Anyway, I was starved when he left, so I had a bowl of leftover mac and cheese, but it made me feel pretty icky. I did fix Marilyn a bowl for dinner, but skipped another bowl myself...)

I was planning to go in tomorrow, but Marilyn talked me out of it. She has a very long day tomorrow, so she thinks I shouldn't go.

Weird thing today: Tina has the police at her house, who want to see Shane's computer -- he's been accused of sendind a death threat to someone! WTF? It turns out that while gaming online, Shane was chatting with another gamer and said something like he was going to slaughter the guy the next time they played. Some third party who didn't know the context of what Shane had typed contacted the police -- this guy was in California, of all things. It went from police department to police department, until it came here. How crazy is that? Tina is taking this in good stead. Donn had been telling me how tough she is. Anyway, Tina actually hopes some local paper will write this up, so she can keep the clipping. She thinks Shane would have loved it!

Marilyn and I don't get it. How did they track him down? The idea is somewhat scary! And a meaningless statement is taken that seriously! It's not like a threat against the President or something! We've had death threats against our Court members and reported them, and nothing was ever done! So go figure.

We watched the new Toy Story holiday special ("Toy Story That Time Forgot") tonight. It was really cute! And we watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas!" after that (this is the 50th anniversary of that show). Yep, it's really that time of year.

It's VERY cold here now. It was cold all day long! They had said it would 'warm up' this afternoon, but not so! And we're due to get very chilly overnight again tonight.

Didn't share about the other books I've read, yet again. Just thought I might get to blog earlier today. Oh well!

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