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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Marilyn's Doctor Appointment 
doctor stethoscope, stethoscope

We started our day heading to Marilyn's doctor appointment. Of course, like me, she has a nurse practitioner, rather than a doctor. But it's interesting: We still end up saying 'doctor' much of the time. I think it's okay. I can't think how exactly to express it, but it's like discussing someone's position in a firm, as opposed to their actual title. (If that makes sense. No offense meant to any nurse practitioners or doctors, of course...)

Oh, by the way: Marilyn found out that even her clinic had been hard hit by this same bug we've had! And it supposedly lasts three weeks, so we've got another week to go.

Then we headed to the office. We had something slated for today, but Marilyn and Jeff met and postponed it until later, which was fine by all of us. Marilyn and I visited with Jeff and caught up with him.

Jeff and his family have sold their house and just moved out. They literally crossed the van for the new owners as they moved out their last load! During the month of December they're living in their RV in Jeff's inlaws driveway! Long story, but one of the kids couldn't deal with not having the family together for the holidays, and having a tree and so on. Plus being with their pets, which are going to live at the inlaws house until they move into their new home.

They signed the papers on their new home today. It's currently being built, and won't be ready until April. It's a difficult situation, but in January they plan to do an extended hotel stay, which actually made more sense than renting a house. If his daughter wants to, she can stay with her grandparents with the pets...

Carol and her family just moved into their new home, too.

I did help Stephanie with her IT issue, too. And I gave back the new iPhone, keeping my old one. The Home button WAS working, so it seemed wrong to take the new one. But I don't know -- it seems to be messed up again. Oh well.

Marilyn and I went to two stores on the way home. We were trying to pick up her meds (she has a urinary tract infection and needs antibiotics), but they didn't have it ready. There was some confusion about the Shingles shot, too. Marilyn got a prescription for it, but needs to find out if her new insurance covers it or not. Then we went to Freddies and got several things, which included flu meds, Kleenex, paper towels and toilet paper. Plus Starbucks!

We got home by around 11:30, so we got to see "Dragnet," which we enjoy so much...

I spent much of the day in bed again. It really wore me out being out, going to the office and shopping. I'm still really puny. But I was able to get some sleep, which was nice.

Marilyn has a busy week in front of her. I have a busy day tomorrow, with Donn coming in. We need to get on top of the IT!

I know I was going to discuss a couple other books, but I'm just too tired tonight. Maybe tomorrow...

I need to get in touch with my friend Mark. He had to take his dad to the hospital. I'm worried.

December 2, 2014 (Tuesday) 10:51 am (UTC)
Well glad she went to her appointment and hope her infection gets better soon. I am coughing more today and my nose runs a lot, also eyes are watering every minute. Hate being sick. Nice to talk to you and hope to see you later in the week.
December 4, 2014 (Thursday) 01:53 am (UTC)
At least you were well enough to get out some.
But sad to hear you may have another week!
I hope it doesn't last that long!