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Dinner Out -- Getting Our Thanksgiving Pizza!

Marilyn and I forced ourselves to shower, then go out for dinner at Amalfi's. It used to always be our tradition to go there on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to pick up a pizza for the next day. Sometimes we'd just have a drink while we waited, and other years we'd actually have snacks, or a meal. Tonight we wanted to eat, as we hadn't had a real meal since the day before yesterday.

We both had spaghetti and some light beers, and really enjoyed it! It was nice to get out.

(I need to mention that sister Sue very kindly offered to go and pick up our pizza for us. But Marilyn said if we couldn't go after it ourselves, then we didn't deserve to have one. Anyway, we were both grateful that Sue offered to go. It was very sweet of her.)

After diiner we headed to the store to pick up a couple quick items, plus more medicine, which we really, really needed! (We only shopped a little, being too punk to do much.)

We got home two hours later, totally worn out. But it was worth the effort. Now we have our Thanksgiving meal for tomorrow, medicine to take and even a small pumpkin pie (if we feel like eating it). Funny how little it can take to make us feel a bit better about our wasted holiday week.

I'm still waiting to get my voice back, and talking very little. We're both still feverish, more than a week later -- but lots of people have this same bug, apparently, and it's bad! And I guess it can easily last two weeks or more -- heaven forbid!

Amalfi's is a nice restaurant -- we've been going there for years and years. They have AMAZING pizza! It's rather spendy to eat there, which is why we don't go there all that often. Which is okay, because it's a lot more special when we do! There's nothing wrong with saving some things and keeping them special, after all.

We don't drink very often, so it was fun having a beer. It's sort of funny that we have that vintage bar in our living room, as rarely as we tend to use it. (Not once since we got it, actually! Hahaha!)

Here's hoping all of you American friends enjoy your Thanksgiving! And a lovely weekend to everyone!

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