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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Another Sick Day. 
charlie sick, sick in bed

Good news: I'm starting to get my voice back a little!

Bad news: Both Marilyn and I feel worse today. This is one crappy bug.

I did put on a mask and go to June's to set up her iPad today. I was in such a sweat. Yes, it's a good thing I wore a mask (and didn't stay long), because I'm clearly still contagious. (sigh)

I'm so glad I got her iPad ready, because I was missing our sessions of iMessaging that we'd been doing! It was just the change of her ios from 7 to 8. (Anyway, she has the Air, like Marilyn. So she shouldn't have any problems with the new ios...)

Aside from that, I've stayed down the rest of the day. Either in bed, or reclining in my family room chair. That chair is so lounge-like that I've been known to fall asleep there. In fact, I almost did twice today.

I had a GREAT nap today, I have to say. Maybe some of the best sleep since getting sick. It was wonderful.

So, Marilyn and I talked about whether or not we'll feel up to going to Amalfi's tomorrow to get a pizza for Thanksgiving or not. It's bad enough that we're not up to our trip to the beach house for Thanksgiving. But our entire holiday is looking really sad this year. The pizza from there used to be our favorite annual tradition before we got the beach house...

Marilyn and I did watch the finale of "Dancing With The Stars" tonight. I was pleased with the results -- Alfonso Riberio was my personal favorite.

Aside from sleeping and lying around watching TV and playing on our iPads, I really have nothing much to say. Except that I'm really tired of being sick! Marilyn just said she didn't know what we could have done differently not to be so sick. She said lots of people would have just gone on living their lives. Maybe so, but we haven't been functional, so I doubt we could have done that. Of course, I was training a new Staff member last Tuesday, and I was already sick by that point. And Marilyn worked three days sick last week!

Well, we'd both hoped to be better today. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

I hope all my friends are doing well -- and staying healthy!!!

November 26, 2014 (Wednesday) 08:51 am (UTC)
I am so sorry that you are both still sick. I could go and pick up the pizza for you if you do not feel like going out. I feel a tiny bit better today, but still can not sleep. I need more rest but can not sleep. Nicole is a lot better and Candy is still coughing a lot.
It is so bad to be sick with the holidays here. I tried to call you at 7;30 to tell you about the news of the stuff in downtown Portland but you did not answer the house phone. I watched the last of Dancing With The Stars and was so glad that Alfonso won. He was just wonderful.
November 26, 2014 (Wednesday) 01:42 pm (UTC)
Sorry it looks like you'll be sick for the holiday!

Can you get pizza delivered?
Maybe not the same, but similar...