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Stiil Sick -- Went to the OfficeQQ

Marilyn still has no voice today. And she was up much of the night.

At 3:00 a.m. I was in the kitchen and cleaning up the sink. I was going to wash out Marilyn's frosty mug and get her a fresh one, but the sink was full of dishes. We rarely ever let that happen, but with both of us sick...

Well, the faucet attachment fell apart! I tried to fix it, but it just wasn't happening. But there's no way you're doing anything without more than water coming directly from the faucet. Well, maybe that works for some, but it doesn't work for me...

Marilyn got her pop in the frosty mug, anyway. She was on the sofa and barely covered up. I was sitting close by in the family room, under a blanket and still cold -- but she told me she wasn't cold. I touched her and she was burning up with fever! Poor thing.

She's been good and staying down and barely talking. But her voice is nearly gone, even so.

Sister Sue took me to the store so I could replace the faucet attachment. We went to Freddies and I got kitty litter and a few other things. And I also got Starbucks for Marilyn and me.

Sue took me to Ace hardware, because I couldn't find the right attachment at Freddies. I got one T Ace, but BOY was it spendy! That's okay -- it works great!

In the afternoon Marilyn and I got ready and headed to the office. She needed to be there for a personnel/budget meeting.

I picked up my new phone at the office, so I need to backup the old one and restore it to the new one -- heavy, heavy SIGH. What a pain!

I did stick the oil today. We have around 80 gallons left. So I ordered oil -- it's coming tomorrow. I don't have the price right here, but it's around $100 less than last year. [Actual price: $616.] We're getting 200 gallons, which will hold us through the winter. Wow, I'm pleased about the cost! 2012 was higher than last year. I didn't check on 2011, though.

June and Jim will pick up June's son JimJim tomorrow, and take him home. I hope it goes well for them. My prayers are with them...

So, when we finally got home from work tonight, I made refried bean tacos for dinner...

Now I need to go do the garbage and recycling. (sigh) I did do a little bit yesterday, at least.

My eyes are watering. I feel worse tonight. My throat is so sore. Good grief!
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