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Trip to the Beach - Work in the Afternoon/Evening

Marilyn and I had a nice drive down to our beach house. It was really sunny. Just a beautiful day!

We went the 'fast' way, so it only took around 90 minutes to get there. It usually takes close to 2 1/2 hours if we go the other direction. We prefer the longer drive, plus we go that way when we're taking the cats, because we think it's less likely to bother them or make them sick. But we might try taking them the other way, just to see how it works. It really saves time...

It was great to see the house. We hadn't been there since our Fourth of July trip. (Four and a half months ago.) It was really warm down at the beach, around 54'. But it was super cold in the house! Colder inside than out. It was nice to see in front of the fire, that's for sure!

We left off some thing at the house. Clean sheets, towels, a new fry pan and some plastic utensils. Then se found Marilyn's book, and I brought another book home. Plus I grabbed my sweatshirt and a couple other things to bring home.

We drove over to the leather shop, and got new bags for our iPads. Marilyn's clasp had broken ages ago on her bag, and mine was starting to rip where the strap meets the body of the bag. These get a lot of hard use! Anyway, hopefully the new bags will work out as well as the old ones did.

Then we drove down and saw the ocean. We ALWAYS take time to see the ocean every single trip.

After that we went to get seafood cocktails to eat before heading back home.

It was really COLD coming through the mountains. It was down to 37' at one point! There was some heavy traffic at one point, but it wasn't too bad.

We got to the office early for Marilyn's meeting. I had IT to deal with, and was getting Ariel's space ready for her. Hopefully her training will go well tomorrow.

The meeting went really well, and the new contract was signed.

I talked to Shelley about my phone. Verizon will NOT repair it, which would be easy for me. Instead, they replace the phone with a new one. That means I have to back up my phone, then restore it to the new one. (sigh)

Both Marilyn and I are feeling punk tonight, I'm afraid. Fighting colds, I think. I'm just sitting here yawning so hard that my eyes are watering and watering. I feel like crap.

We want to watch "Castle," but I think I need to go to bed. I do need to wash my hair, though...

I made spaghetti for dinner. It was yummy.

I watered our decorative kale tonight! I keep forgetting. I don't want the plants to die!

No update on Brian and Carol. Hopefully we'll hear something tomorrow. Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers.

Donn has to come in tomorrow. There are several things he needs to look at, including Marilyn's computer. Clearly we had a power surge at some point. And I need to get him out here to fix my desktop.

I'm losing track of what I'm sharing, so I'll quit for today.

Love you guys!

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