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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Snow Day! 
snow, let it snow

I just finished up the garbage and recycling (real garbage week). We didn't end up with much in the way of bad weather right here, though there were other locations that were struck pretty hard.

There were so many reports of potentially bad weather that they actually did close Portland Public Schools for the day. Marilyn and I drove out for Starbucks early on, but stayed in after that. I was pretty happy that we got a snow day, even though we got very little snow. Eventually there was some snow, and a little freezing rain and sleet, as well. But not a ton. Right now the walks and sidewalks are dry. There are some small frozen patches on the grass.

And I'd put the roller bins outside earlier today, and right now they have a sheet of ice frozen on top of them. The streets also look icy to me. I didn't actually try walking on them, though. Why risk falling?

They've made it clear that if there's any liquid out there, it's going to freeze during the night. It seemed quite cold to me right now, and I was heavily bundled up with a couple of layers.

Anyway, Marilyn is fighting a cold and felt pretty punk today, poor thing.

Plus the were going to have the All Chairs meeting at 5:00 tonight -- which was a TON of work to set up -- and they had to cancel it. Now they'll need to reschedule.

Last year it was all about my knee. Thankfully it's been fine this year (so far). But my right wrist is giving me fits. I have a constant patch of psoriasis on that wrist (that I'm always trying to hide under bracelets) -- and right now the wrist is misshapen and swollen. Gosh, does it hurt! (sigh) Well, I've said it before and I'll continue to say it: Life is pain. It's always going to be something. So I need to suck it up!

I need to get in and wash my hair soon...

Now we've heard that we'll have high winds again this weekend!!! NO!!!!!!!!! (sigh)

Well, the weather is clearly going to be interesting this winter! And it's not even winter, yet! (grin)

November 14, 2014 (Friday) 01:38 pm (UTC)
So sorry to hear about your pain and Marilyn fighting a cold. Candy has been fighting a cold this week also. She, Savanna, Sharla and Kisya are heading down to Seaside today for the wine walk this week-end. Hope they will not hit bad weather problems and will have a lot of fun. I do not know if you want to go to the lunch with June and Jim today or not. I will call you later. Got up at four could not sleep any longer. Folded two loads of clothes and will get Nicole up later around 6:30.
November 15, 2014 (Saturday) 02:29 pm (UTC)
I hope the weather isn't too bad for you!

Sorry about your wrist. I hope it and Marilyn are both better soon!