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Our Appraisal

Today was our appraisal.

Marilyn woke me up at a decent hour, to give me time to do little tweaks (like making the beds, etc.) and to get myself ready. I felt oddly tired and when I did my blood sugar it was only 70. I was just shaky and weird. I grabbed an apple and quickly ate it to the core. (When this happens, I always feel ravenously hungry -- I guess that's my body wanting to get my blood count back up again.

But why today? Typical, I guess.

I was also chilled. It wasn't that cold in the house, really. Around 66', I think. Maybe it was bothering me more than normal because of my low blood sugar, who knows?

I did get ready (dressed, makeup and hair), and get some things done around the house, as planned.

I loved Hamid, the appraiser! Such a nice, pleasant man. Older (I'd put him around my own age, or a bit older), with years of experience. I followed him around much of the time as he worked, mostly inside the house. I did go outside, too, but it was so chilly I didn't stay there long!

Interesting note: They don't care about things like our in-ground sprinkler system. I can't see why, but I suppose it makes sense. Hamid told me they used to send him out in his car to drive by a property and do his appraisal without ever entering the house! Now he has to take a ton of photos with his digital camera. He still does a pencil drawing of the property, sketching each room. And he measures with an electronic measuring tape.

When he was all done, he showed me his sketch. By the way, it doesn't include our patio and deck, either. That also surprises me. So I guess the cedar fence isn'y taken into account, either. But think of the costs associated with installing those things? He called our living room the living room/dining room (this house doesn't actually have a dining room -- and when we were buying, it was a room we didn't really want, as we'd never used it in our last house).

Marilyn's bedroom is considered a non-compliant bedroom. We knew that, of course. When we were buying, they called it a bonus room -- but we knew we'd happily use it as a bedroom. Since then we took the space adjoining it and made it into a really large walk-in closet. The windows aren't large enough for code, but anybody coming into this house would surely do the same.

When you look our house up online, it's listed as a two-bedroom, one bath house. We think of it as two bedrooms, an office and two full baths. We put in the second bathroom years ago next to Marilyn's bedroom (and the family room), which has a jetted tub/shower (and cable TV). To us, the downstairs bathroom is Marilyn's and the upstairs bathroom is mine.

Well, it took him 45 minutes to finish. He was so sweet. He suggested we should upgrade our kitchen and my bathroom for us -- so we could enjoy them. He even told me what he thought it might cost. ("Do it for you, not for when you're trying to sell your house.") I thought it was charming, and so did Marilyn. Marilyn said if it could be done for the amount he quoted, she'd do it in a heartbeat.

Anyway, I don't know how soon we'll hear back, but at least it's done.

I ate after he left. Then in a bit I was still so chilled -- even with the heat on -- that I decided to take a hot bath. That was really lovely. My feet were so cold I couldn't seem to warm them up any other way. Heavy socks and shoes certainly weren't doing it!

I spent a fairly lazy day after that, to tell the truth. Reading quite a bit.

I did call Shirley, from JSC Creations. They live in Snohomish, Washington, and Marilyn had suggested we take a road trip there on Saturday. Shirley and her husband sell her Candied Jalapenos at various shows around the country (they make tons of other goodies, too). Marilyn LOVES these. We used to purchase them (a different brand, of course) at the Kruger Farm on Sauvie Island. But they quit making them. We found Shirley at the Harvest Fest in Hood River, Oregon. We want to buy a couple of cases and not spend a ton on postage. Plus we think the drive could be fun.

When I talked to Shirley previously, I found out she and her hubby would be away at a show this weeken -- but their daughter will we home at their house. Saturday didn't work for them, but Sunday does. Unfortunately the weather is supposed to be lovely tomorrow, and nasty on Sunday, so it won't be as nice a drive. But I think we'll still have fun.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest, which I think we'll both enjoy.

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