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Long, Busy Day

Marilyn had me contact Hector to come out today -- he was glad to do that, as today was a good-weather day, and we're expecting a storm today.

I woke up terribly sore all over. If you don't get why, then grab any scrub brush (or a wire brush, like I did) and then crouch down so you can 'scrub' at the floor (or walkway) below you -- and imagine doing that for two hours without a break. I was 'scrubbing' really hard to get up all the green and black moss, so it wasn't just my legs and back that are sore -- my shoulders and arms are suffering, too.

Yes, I'm out of shape, but I'm not sure I'd ever be in shape for a task like this. (smile)

I tried using a sponge and heavy-duty scrub brush no scrub down the porch and walk. But I don't think that worked all that well. If I'd had the energy, I would have tried using the wire brush again. But in all honesty, I couldn't face it. Plus I had other work to do.

I took down the tarp at the back of the house. We don't always need it, but we tend to put it up as a precaution in case the rain gets crazy. When you combine that with overflowing gutters, we can end up with flooding in our house (in Marilyn's bedroom). I was also pulling out a bunch of nails we've put up around the outside of the house for one reason or another (such as hanging that tarp, or for putting up Christmas lights, etc.).

The side window of our office had quite a few nails and large staples. Here's the skinny: Before we got AC years back, we used to have a window air conditioner there. And it was so difficult to take in and out that I would just 'winterize' with it there! I'd hang plastic and heavy tarps and even big blankets to keep out the cold. It's hard to imagine now, it's been so long ago. But the office would be very cold otherwise for months of the year. I wonder why I never yanked those nails before?

Hector was here for HOURS today. He had to clean our gutters yet again, so he spent quite some time on the roof. Then he started in on the front yard and the alley side, where the big tree drops all those strange pinecones that soak of water and get so heavy. We had branches down all over, including one huge branch that had to be hauled off. This is all aside to the tons of leaves -- plus the debris from trimming the bushes! Hector actually filled his truck again, as surprising as that was for both of us.

I pulled up a bunch of weeds in the yard while he was working. And found an ant trail outside and put on a mask and sprayed that. We had ants in the house recently -- coming out from the WALL, from behind a light switch! I've never seen that before! I had to take off the cover and spray inside. So when I saw those ants today, I couldn't grab the spray fast enough!

Hector also mowed the entire yard, which looked wonderful when he was done!!!

My major tasks were inside the house, working in the utility room. This is unfinished space. Rough walls (no dry wall) and concrete floors. Our laundry is there, our second fridge and storage. I was cleaning the exposed wood ceiling and concrete walls, sweeping them down with broom and brushes. It's a lot of work, and really messy as hell!

Then I scrubbed out our utility room double sink. Our washing machine dumps into it, so it gets quite dirty.

Marilyn didn't get home until 7:30. She sent off what should be the last of the appraisal paperwork today. She had several meetings, and was dealing with personnel (we have a sales position to fill) and work on Jeff's contract and her own. Plus she has a speaking engagement tomorrow, so she was working on her PowerPoint for that.

Obviously we both had busy days!

She picked me up and we went to the bank to take out cash to pay Hector (he's coming by for it tomorrow). Then we dashed to the store to get fish for me to fix for dinner. This was nice of her -- I'd been craving fish for days, and she knew it. So even though she didn't want to go shopping, we did.

Then I made dinner when we got home. The fish was a delicious change. We haven't had fish for quite some time. We also got some chicken and other ingredients so I could make a casserole (maybe tomorrow).

I need to color my hair tomorrow! We have an evening function we're attending, and I look like hell! I'm not looking forward to it, but oh well...

One last note: At some point when Hector and I were talking, my age came up. He was shocked to hear I'm turning 62 soon. He said he'd been sure I must be 45, and Marilyn 40. He said it more than once during the day. He kept saying, "You two just don't look that age." It's a compliment, and I'll take it. (Hector is 45, so it's nice that he thinks of me as being his age.)

Unfortunately we're expecting RAIN and WIND tomorrow. Look, I don't mind rainy weather, but considering all the work we've done to prepare for our Friday appraisal, I wish we weren't having a storm that will undo a bunch of the work, dumping more pinecones and leaves -- and probably branches, too. Seriously, the yard looks great right now!

Well, that's my busy Wednesday. I'm so ready to take my sore and exhausted body to bed...

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