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Updating My Memories

So why does it take literally hours to update my memories?

Because the damn memories don't work more than half the time now!

I refresh and refresh and refresh and maybe finally get them to show up. Then I click on a memory. Same deal. Refresh and refresh. Eventually it might show.

I wanted to go through and clean up what I had. Change some keywords and so on. I had several memories that no longer went anywhere! Either the journal had been deleted, or an entry that was once public had been changed to private. (Whatever!) Anyway, I finally managed to finish, in spite of how poorly that feature works now.

I'd love to use tags in place of memories, but that only makes sense for my own entries -- and not for the entries of others! Not every memory I make is about my own journal. (In fact, many of them are not.)

I've got several partial entries I want to post. One about the bells Marilyn misressmarilyn and I have had since childhood that we always ring on New Year's Eve to welcome a new year. My bell had been missing for a couple years and I finally located it again. (Hurray!)

And I have some tutorials I've started and never finished that I hope to post soon, too. For whatever reason, I tend to start new ones before I finish up the old ones! (grin)

Things are getting hot and heavy between Marilyn and her high school boyfriend Tom. I think it's so sweet that he still feels so strongly for her after all these years. He always was an interesting guy. A bad boy with a wonderful heart.

Well, it's been busy so far this year! I need to post more often, if only to update on my sister Sue's progress. She's lost more than 40 pounds since Thanksgiving. Yesterday was two weeks after her surgery and she's doing great. (Today she's driving to see a friend who is dying of cancer. But she was driving by a week past surgery! And is walking better than she has in years...)

And, yes -- we got the Colin Farrell sex video. It's amazing! I could post an entire entry on that alone. Whew! In honor of which, I'll post my 'stroke it' icon. (grin)

Speaking of icons, I need some new ones. I haven't maxed out my 100 yet, but I'm bored to tears by most of them. (smile)

The toilet in my bathroom is running. (And running and running.) I need a plumber, I guess. (sigh)

But rather than end on a downer note, I'll mention that Marilyn and I got lovely pedicures this past Monday! I need to take a picture and post it...

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