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Election Day -- Plus: Busy Day at Work AND Home

As is our custom, Marilyn and I dropped off our ballots today -- the closest we can come to actually going to the polling place to mark a ballot (as Oregon has vote by mail). We did that first thing this morning, on the way to work.

I started my day working for hours on Marilyn's computer. The weirdest thing: After adjusting the display, the left monitor simply wouldn't work correctly. There was an inch of black showing all the way around. After two hours of frustration, I finally phoned Donn who Remoted in. Then we were both working on the issue for some time. I got pulled away to talk to our new President, Frank (a good conversation!). And Donn finally fixed the problem, thank God!

I also dealt with Jeff's issue about logging in to his private account. And assured him that Staff members couldn'e 'see' this account.

Rich and I went to Starbuck's together (Danielle went along).

Then past noon (around 1:00-ish?) Marilyn brought me home, and headed back for her 2:00 meeting. I was so tired from yesterday that I was dozing sitting up. But I roused myself when she left, and headed out to work on cleaning moss and mold from our front porch and walk. What an exhausting task! I could sit down part of the time while doing the porch, but had to stoop and/or bend down to do most of the work. I spent around two hours without stopping on it to begin, then took a short break (pouring sweat and shaking from the effort) before heading back out. The loss of light forced me to quit for today. I'm so out of shape! But I also hadn't eaten much. Just a pice of bread with butter and a slice of cheese...

I also pulled down the tarp in the back and raked the yard a bit. Oh! And I raked and swept the front sidewalk. Hector will be out Thursday, but meanwhile I didn't want people walking by to slip on the leaves.

Marilyn and I forced ourselves to go shopping the minute she got home from work. So hard, as we were both really tired! But we had to get cat food, and needed a bunch of other things, too.

Then we came home and put it all away. And I quickly made us dinner, as we were both really hungry!

We were upstairs drifting off, we were so exhausted. What a long day!

My eyes are watering, I'm so tired out. And I have a lot I want to do tomorrow, getting ready for Friday...

Well, that's pretty much my day. Just sitting here listening to election results. Interesting!

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