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Working on the Bushes

Well, it's November 3, and I'm FINALLY blogging for the first time this month (!!!). I'm so annoyed with myself for letting days go by without blogging. But now and then the something that's got to give is my LiveJournal account. (smile) I guess I need to give myself a break. I came pretty close to blogging every day in 2014, which is quickly winding to a close.

Marilyn and I did finally get our manicures on Friday, by the way. We both did shades of what I would call copper. Marilyn's is darker than mine, but it's rare that we do similar colors. It's so nice to have them done. They had grown so long that they were annoying! And having broken nails is a big pain.

Marilyn got sick in the middle of the night on Friday, leading into Saturday. We had decided to stay home Friday (Halloween), then head to the beach early on Saturday. But with her sick, we just decided to stay home. (It was one of her gastro attacks. She had one at the beach and had to drive home feeling sick, and it was awful. So we'll never repeat that again if we can avoid it.)

Marilyn got a lot of sleep on Saturday, which was a good thing. She doesn't begin to get enough sleep as a rule in my opinion.

Sunday night we went to see the movie "The Maze Runner." We really enjoyed it! Now I'd like to read the series of books (there are four). Obviously I recommend this movie.

I've just finished reading the amazing book "When Women Were Warriors Book I: The Warrior's Path" by Catherine M. Wilson. What a wonderful writer! What a delightful novel! In fact, I loved it so much that I've already bought the rest of the three-book series. I'm now reading Book II. It's not an easy book to describe, but it's especially appealing as a story about strong women. I agree with the author's description of the book as being about both love and peace. I can't recommend this strongly enough. The book is like poetry -- in the best possible way. And as a rule I don't read poetry, just so you know. (grin)

Finally, Marilyn and I worked on the front bushes today. They haven't been cut back in YEARS! We never let Hector cut them, as Marilyn wants to shape them herself. (These have always been 'her bushes.') This time around it was two-fold: Again, she likes to do them herself, but we also wanted to save the money it would cost to have Hector do them.

So I got out our electric bush cutter, that we bought many, many years ago. And I got out our limb cutter, too. I'd messed with the heavy-duty electrical cords that we have previously, as we'd tried before this weekend to go out and do this task (but it had been raining and cold, so we'd skipped it). Today it was dry, thankfully, even though everything was quite wet. Anyway, the cords were there, too. It takes two, hooked together, to reach all the way.

We spent a couple of hours out there cutting everything. These bushes are hard to work with, because you end up exposing ugly branches with no foliage as you shape them (which has always been an issue). They'd grown so tall they were up above the bottom of the bathroom windows on the one side (!!!). It's also hard to get them even on both sides, but we did a pretty good job, I have to say. We're really delighted with the outcome!

We wanted this task done before Friday, when the appraiser comes out. There are some other things we want to get done, too. I hope everything else turns out as nicely as the bushes did!

You know, if we'd gone to the beach we'd never have gotten the bushes done, so it's another sign that we made the right choice to stay home.

Donn worked on Marilyn's computer at work today: Taking her from Windows 8 back to Win XP. I'll double-check his work in the morning, and make any tweaks necessary. (I'm still better at setting up Profiles. Plus she uses stuff he's not familiar with.) Glad to finally get this done! It should have been done before last festival, for sure. But I'm just glad to finally be there now. Fingers crossed that we have NO issues with it!

I need to wash my hair before bed. Actually, I need to color my hair, but I doubt that's happening this week...

I'm forgetting things, but this will have to do for today!

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