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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Long Day -- Short Entry 

I'm REALLY TIRED right now, so this will be short.

Marilyn and I got to work by 7:30 a.m. this morning. We left the office to head home at 9:30 p.m. And were home before 10:00. That was with no break all day. Well, Rich and I did walk over to Starbucks first thing. And Marilyn and I heated the casserole we took for lunch and ate at her desk.

I got my OHP letter done today, then walked over to the post office and sent it certified mail. I'm curious to see what happens next. They have 45 days to respond after November 6 (their deadline for receiving my paperwork). What I'll need to phone about is whether or not I'm covered currently and between now and then. And I hope I retain my coverage...

Donn and I did quite a bit in the way of IT. We should be good for the TechSoup order. It includes QuickBooks and Win7.

Met with Jeff early to tell him about getting his iPad right away. He wouldn't go for it. He refused to get it in this current fiscal year. We didn't agree, so I guess you could say we fought. I made it clear I would be spending the other $2,000, even if I didn't spend the $1,000 on him (of the $3,0000 I have left in the equipment budget). I also made it clear that I don't care to be directed on IT spending. It's my budget, and I'll decide how it's used, thanks very much. As it is, I was told I'd get ten computers in 2014 -- didn't happen -- and would have been in a bad place without Donn bartering for equipment we needed.

It was interesting. Later Jeff came and explained why he'd taken that stand. He's willing to get the new iPad next week -- in the new fiscal year. It's all complicated, but he was clear about my feelings, anyway.

I took care of an issue with the 'receptionist' Shoretel login (that's our phone system). I was annoyed that they'd had the issue for months without telling me (!!!). Yes, it's my job to fix these things, but I can't fix what I don't KNOW about!!! Anyway, it's fixed now, but I've no idea how it got messed up in the first place...

I read over the Voter's Pamphlet in the afternoon (early evening) and marked my ballot. So that's done. I can't bring myself to discuss the measures, because people do stupid things. They need to read about the measures more carefully. Oh well.

Lots to do tomorrow. I just want to curl up with my current book and snooze...

And that's it for today. There's more I could say about IT and website news and so on, but I am so done. Goodnight all.

October 30, 2014 (Thursday) 10:52 am (UTC)
Wow you should not need to argue with Jeff about your budget. That made me very mad just thinking about it. What would they do without you and you donate all of the time and work for them. Sometimes I think you should just tell them where to stick it, but I know you would never do that. I just want them all to respect and value you. I think most do, but they also take advantage. Love you a ton and I am looking forward to dinner at Long Beach.