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Long and Busy Day for Both of Us! (Bedroom...)

As I mentioned yesterday, Marilyn had a very busy day, with a ton of meetings! She didn't get home until 8:30 tonight. She certainly looked nice in her black and whit dress and black boots with spike heels!

She had her hair done last Tuesday, by the way, and it looks fabulous!

Anyway, we barely spoke until she was driving home, because every minute of her day was full. She took a late lunch break to heat up and eat casserole and even had THAT interrupted by Rich. Really? She can never have a moment to herself, I swear.

Rich was bitching about the new insurance. I'm sorry it's got problems for him, but Marilyn has literally lost thousands of dollars in the past five years due to insurance screw-ups at work, so if anybody has a right to be unhappy, it's her. She feels strongly that people need to embrace it and move on. It's not perfect, but has a lot of advantages -- and a lot of effort was put into the decision.

Speaking of insurance, I got a letter today from the Oregon Health Plan, with a form that must be received back by November 6!!! That's a ridiculously short amount of time. I'll try and fill it out tomorrow and mail it right away. I don't want to lose my coverage over something stupid, after all. Everything else tomorrow can just wait on this.

I need to get Jeff to buy his new iPad right away. I want it to come out of this year, as I have money left in the budget...

I spent most of my day working in my bedroom, which has been a disaster. When we changed the living room, lots of stuff went out of that room -- and it had to go somewhere. So a bunch of things ended up in my room. But I got rid lots of it today, that's for sure. It makes me feel so LIGHT. That's not a great description, but I can't think of a better way to describe it. (smile) I love dumping things, and making more space for myself. I need to do a ton more, actually, but it was good to get a decent start, anyway.

Damn! We suddenly realized we were missing "Forever," which we both love! Have any of you been watching it? Anyway, we've turned over and have it on now.

Talked with sister Sue today: She was getting their new living room TV delivered when I called her. Candy bought a 65' model, with a new piece of furniture to hold it, plus some surround sound unit. They've needed a new TV for ages, so I'm ver happy for them. PLUS, they were able to get the old TV (which was a monster) taken away today! That's great news!

Candy also bought new beds for both her bedroom and Nicole's that haven't been delivered yet, but which they also needed. Candy has a lot of back problems, so she needs that new mattress.

I did my pills ahead (!!!) today! That doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's a ton of work. For weeks I've been just yanking out my pills as I go -- never a good thing, by the way. I take a lot of pills, so I need them to be ready, morning and night. Done! (woo hoo)

I also got some laundry done. Not a lot, but a start. I need to do more, but I'll get to it.

I stuck the oil today: We have almost exactly 100 gallons right now. Actually, the stick isn't terribly accurate, as any of you who have oil would know. Our tank is in the ground, and a pipe leads into it. You open the top and put this long stick down inside. The numbers are rather random, so it could be off by around five to ten gallons, I think. Anyway, I don't want to go below 60 gallons, or I can get into the sludge -- that is NOT an option! I'll try to stick it weekly going forward, but I haven't done that in years. (grin) In past years I have been good about it, which is how I've come to understand how well our furnace works, and how little oil we use weekly to heat our house. It's really a good practice, if I can get myself out to do it!

I fixed baked hot dogs and a big pot of chili for dinner, and had it ready when Marilyn got home. Yummy! We like our dogs cooked very well done. And the chili cooked until it gets thick and dry. Not to every taste, but it works for us.

On Friday "Svengoolie" is apparently running all day and night long -- with Halloween-y (Halloween-ish?) themed series being played. This is happening on METV, and should be great fun! Of course, we'll be driving down to the beach house, so we'll miss a bunch of it. Too bad! It's does sound like a blast.

Work at the office tomorrow. And I have Donn coming in. I'm tired out tonight.

Oh! And I did a bunch of research on Henry's condition today. He has Pemphigus Foliaceus, an autoimmune condition. Plus I also did some research about the steroid (kenalog) that Leslie gave me. More about that another time...
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