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Quiet Sunday - TWD and Revenge

Marilyn and I spent a quiet day at home.

We had a big brunch of eggs, bacon, hominy and toast, with coffee. Very tasty! We generally eat brunch in place of breakfast and lunch, so that's okay! (heh)

We watched a lot of TV today. We saw an old favorite, "The Prisoner of Zenda,” the 1952 version. There were four movies made before this one, including the 1937 version, with Ronald Colman and Douglas Fairbanks. But we love this one with Stewart Granger, Deborah Kerr and James Mason. I remember thinking Stewart Granger was so heroic and wonderful -- and attractive. When I see it now, I think he's charming and hot! (smile) But I don't recall liking him in any other role. Whoops! Marilyn and I talked it over and I'd forgotten his role in "Young Bess" -- we loved him in that film!

Tonight we saw both The Walking Dead and Revenge. Things appear to be going as both Marilyn and I have predicted on Revenge, so no surprises there. There was another character death on TWD. I won't say who, so I don't spoil -- but deaths on that show are certainly NO surprise. Actually, several characters died, but I only cared about the one. (I cried...)

I did make my curry rice chicken casserole tonight. It turned out really good this time. Because I don't have a set recipe, it can vary a bit from one time to the next. This was drier (I used more rice and only a little cheese), and we both liked that. I was missing one of my usual ingredients, but it turned out fine without it.

The ingredients are rice, diced white chicken, diced carrots, soup (mushroom and whatever else suits: this time I had some cream of celery and some squash soup), chicken broth -- and curry, of course! Plus a little grated cheese. I combine it all inside deep casserole dish -- without pre-cooking the rice, by the way -- and mix it well. Then I bake it at 350' for around half an hour to 45 minutes. I just check it as I go along. I don't need to know actual amounts, because I've been making it for years and years.

It's interesting, but I've always cooked this way as an adult. I recall when I was trying to share some recipes with girlfriends some years back. I forced myself to write them out, with cup and spoon measurements. It was hard! Of course I measure for things like cookies, but rarely ever for other foods... I wonder, do most of you cook that same way, or not?

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