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Appointment With Leslie -- Allergies and More

My appointment with Leslie, my nurse practitioner, was at 10:20 this morning. No, I couldn't wait from getting up until then to use the bathroom, so I forced down two bottles of water so I could have the 'full bladder' I'd been told to have when I called yesterday.

Marilyn was kind enough to stay home and take me, but she didn't go back with me. I'd been told it would be a short appointment, just to check for a bladder infection, but Leslie pooh-poohed that -- so we discussed everything. I was sorry Marilyn wasn't there, but I guess it's okay.

TMI warning!!!

I'm going to discuss the gritty details, so consider yourself warned. Feel free not to read on.

I mentioned my bad blood sugar numbers for the past couple of months, so even before seeing my numbers she raised my Metformin. I'd expected it, so no surprise there.

We spent most of the time discussing my allergies, which have been so bad. The exciting thing is that Leslie almost immediately suggested a steroid shot! I had one years ago, and it was very effective. But I couldn't get my doctor to ever let me have it again. Last year I had steroids for my knee pain, which also helped my allergies. So I'm pretty pleased. The shot was painful (in the bottom, and still sore tonight), but worth it. My allergies are awful tonight (and have been all day), so I'm looking forward to the shot kicking in! (Apparently this can take from 24 to 72 hours.)

She did give me a pelvic exam, and discovered my vaginal atrophy is worse. I haven't been using my cream, so I need to get with it. It can have a ton of symptoms -- so that's probably what I thought was a bladder infection. (You can experience both vaginal and urinary symptoms.)

I love Leslie and really trust her. It was good to see her.

So aside from the steroid shot, I also got my flu shot. Then I went back to do my labs. I guess I was somewhat dehydrated from yesterday (maybe not drinking enough at work). No problem with the urine sample, but it was another story with the blood samples!

The first woman I didn't know -- I've never had her before. She just couldn't get blood. She stuck me at least ten times (probably more). She stuck me in both arms (inside the elbow). She stuck me on the backs of both hands -- I've never had anyone fail to get blood there before! I'm bruised in all four places and it hurts. Not whining, though -- they need to take my blood. I only winced whem it really hurt, but that was several times. Finally Kathie (who I think runs the lab) came and took over. She got the blood with no trouble, thankfully.

Hector came today and cleaned up the pine cones and (finally!) the blackberry bushes. Plus all the leaves that were down. And he did our gutters again.

I did the cat boxes and gathered the garbage and took it out. I guess that's about all I got done, really.

Marilyn had a difficult day. I feel bad that she couldn't come home after her meeting, as planned.

Talked to sister Sue in Salem. Yes, she went on her trip.

I guess that's my Friday. Now we're going to watch a movie we taped -- and have some popcorn!

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