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So Tired Tonight

It's just past 10:00. Marilyn and I are home after a long work day that included the evening Annual Board Meeting -- the festival's most important meeting of the year. Marilyn wrote the script, which was really excellent. (She's an amazing script writer.)

Actually, we left the restaurant at a quarter past 9:00. I had phoned this morning to ask if they would take our group at 8:30 or 8:45 -- and they agreed. But we were actually there by around 8:00, even though we talked quite a bit after eating. The group at dinner included Jeff (who paid), Marilyn, Carol, Christine and me. We went to The Burrito House for drinks and Mexican food.

I started my work day investigating QuickBooks 2015 at TechSoup. We haven't gotten any software from them for some time, but the deal on QB is amazing -- and we really need to get QB. So I got pretty excited. I phoned them for support, and phoned Donn several times. We will probably get QB as well as Win 7 from them.

Shelley checked the capitalized equipment today. I should end up with some additional budget to spend next week, prior to the new fiscal year, which starts on November 1. That was also very good news! I spent a couple of hours on IT, anyway.

I also spent some time on the festival website, catching up on recent News items. I had two items to add, aside from tonight's item (that I had ready to go directly after the meeting).

Rich was finally in at 3:00, then he and I went over the News item covering tonight's meeting. There were some errors that we ended up dropping -- and others we changed.

I took photos tonight (as I often do). And I worked the entire room both before and after the meeting. It's work, even though I really like these people. And I'm so tired right now that I can hardly type this...

I did phone this morning and set up an appointment with Leslie, my nurse practitioner. I see her tomorrow morning at 10:20. I'm supposed to fast, as I wanted to be prepared to have my labs done, if Leslie okays it. I'm going in to have a pee test -- to see if I have either a bladder or kidney infection. (I've been prone to bladder infections since childhood.) I've had a lot of pain recently (as I've mentioned). But last night late my hoo-hoo began to itch, so...

I'd love to do something about all this pain, anyway.

I think that's it for tonight. I did the recycling, but didn't touch the garbage (or cat boxes) tonight. I'm just too tired!

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