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Rain Storm: Hate It!

According to the weather report tonight, Portland broke the old rainfall record of 1.31 inches set in 1951 with a total rainfall of 1.56 inches. By evening the total rainfall at Portland International Airport was 1.8 inches. According to the Bureau of Environmental Services, the heavy rainfall on Wednesday caused Portland's combined sewer system to overflow to the Willamette River.

One to two inches of rain are possible by Thursday morning. The storm is expected to move south and east as the evening progresses and should break apart between 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. More periodic rain is expected Thursday. Another front is on pace to impact the area by mid-morning Friday.

I was in and out of the house numerous times to try and keep an eye on the situation. I called and talked to Hector, just in case I'd need him here on an emergency basis. Marilyn and I are really anxious to avoid any flooding, if possible. Hector has done the gutters, but with so much stuff coming down, we'll need him to do them again for sure.

He's coming out Friday. He was going to come tomorrow, but I'll be at work. Tomorrow is our Annual Board Meeting. We'll be installing our new President who will serve for the next two years. (We also announce the new list of officers and the annual award winners, plus introduce new Board Members.)

Marilyn worked until 8:00 tonight getting everything ready for tomorrow. She's sound asleep on the sofa right now.

I got soaked to the skin at one point today, going outside. I was messing with things to make sure all was well. I also smashed my left thumb (it still hurts) and shattered that fingernail. Actually, I think I broke more than one nail. How does that suck?! Looks great, yeah.

After I came in I was miserable, so I took a hot bath in Marilyn's tub. Silly, because I didn't turn on jets! I could have just used my own tub... Oh well. It felt good after getting so wet.

Later in the day I worked much harder to bundle up and stay dry. I wore my 'little red riding hood' jacket that June bought me. It's sort of maroon colored. It's really light-weight, and will go over heavy clothes. It has long sleeves and a hood, and snaps twice in front. I even got out our Spirit Mountain umbrella to use with it -- and my fuzzy-lined Crocs that are so warm and cozy on my feet. So I managed NOT to get soaked again. (But I didn't really do anything but look around. Not like the stuff I was doing earlier.)

I felt lousy today. Pain all over. My back and legs. My neck and shoulders. My ribs ache. My right wrist is so painful. I have no idea why. I started to wonder if maybe I've got fibromyalgia -- but I admit I don't know much about the condition. Some of my friends have it and have talked a little about it, but I haven't done any research. I keep thinking about my knee last year, and how the pain seemed to move around. I guess I need to go see my nurse practitioner. But I need to do that, anyway...

Marilyn's legs were sore tonight, too. So there is the outside chance we both have a bug of some kind. (sigh)

I spoke with my niece Candy today. She was seriously concerned about her mother (sister Sue), and was talking about putting Sue in the hospital. I called Sue: She was at cribbage (!!!). And not taking her health seriously at all during our conversation. She had been thinking about staying home from her cribbage tournament this weekend -- but suddenly during that call she was thinking she would go. I wonder if Candy is as frustrated and worried as I am?

Sue went to a tournament last weekend. And has one both this weekend and next, too. (As you can tell from me sharing here, she goes to a lot of tornaments all year long.) I think she could stand to miss one for her health, but it's not up to me. I'm just worried about her.

I hope the weather will give us a break. No, I don't mind rain. I've grown up with it, living in Portland. But extreme rain that causes flooding is just too much. The constant stress and worrying makes me crazy.

Well, work tomorrow -- a long day. I need to get to bed...

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