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I just didn't feel that well, so I stayed home from work today.

I did get my final two decorative kale planted in the back yard (!!!), I'm happy to report. But that was really all the time I spent outside, except to give some things to the crows and grab the mail... Right now the less time I'm outside the better, as my allergies are murder.

I also did a load of dishes and cleaned up a wall that needed washing. Beyond that, I spoke on the phone to a number of people, which included cousin Linda (twice) -- she seems to be doing well, so far. Thanks to all of you who kept good thoughts and prayers coming her way! And many, many thanks for all the comments in the past few days! You guys are the best!!!

I didn't end up sleeping today -- or taking a Meclizine, even though I came close. The various aches and pains were bad, including my right wrist, back and neck and some twinges in my left (bad) knee. And of course my fingers are bad, too -- but as I said to Marilyn, that's been true since I was 30, so what the heck! Life is full of pain, but we can't let that stop us!

Nor should we dwell on our increasing age -- or start talking about 'falling apart' (as some older people do). There's only one alternative to aging! And getting older beats dying, doesn't it? (grin)

Marilyn had a busy (hard) day, ending in getting her hair done. She admitted that being in that room yesterday made her feel ill, too -- so we're wondering if it's toxic in some way. Marilyn says she could smell something that was like chemicals. With no windows and limited air ducts, who knows?

Marilyn and I like Ioan Gruffudd's series "Forever" -- is anyone else watching it??? It appears they plan to cancel it, which I find a shame. (They already cancelled "Rush," which we also like!)

On the other hand, "The Walking Dead" is at the beginning of Season 5 -- and has already been renewed for Season 6.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You've been warned. Further warning: I plan to talk about both TWD and "Revenge."




So far, we pretty much HATE Season 4 of "Revenge." I guess the worst part is no Conrad Grayson (he was killed at the end of last season). He was by far our favorite character, so this is a huge loss to us. But the show has so many problems this season that I don't even know where to begin! Emily living in Grayson Manor is AWFUL! Just burn the place down! If you can't have the Graysons there, then don't let her RUIN IT with her terrible re-design! Just ugh. Get rid of this new cop character Ben, yawn. And Jack as a cop? Ugh. Charlotte is really SAD. Daniel is ruined -- just pathetic. Emily isn't even likable. David is about all they've got going for him. So clean him the hell up -- everybody hates that damn beard! Could Nolan have a scene where he's not being kicked around by Emily? Give up, Victoria -- clearly David is playing you.

Just bring him back alive! How many times in our lives have we said that about some important character??? Hey, at least they did bring Mr. Spock back!!! (smile) We miss you, Conrad!!!

Yeah, Henry Czenry -- an amazing actor -- will go on and do other work. But what a loss!!!

TWD? They often insist on following the comic books when they shouldn't.

Small (heh) TWD RANT: Why are they so down on religion??? Okay, I get it -- the series is aimed toward teenage boys. But they finally bring on a religious character and he's a total asshole. Interesting note: In the comics he's clearly a Catholic priest, but on TV he's Episcopalian. I wonder why they changed that? The comics reference daily mass -- not an Episcopalian practice.

Another TWD RANT: Do we really believe 90% of the survivors in any disaster would end up being BAD people??? Yeah, yeah -- I've heard it before: It's based on a comic book. But I read lots of comics in my life that weren't misogynistic and anti-religion and totally DARK in nature. Yes, the theme is DARK. But so was WWII and the Nazis -- but people did amazingly GOOD and even heroic things during the war!

Okay, those rants were too long. Sorry. While I enjoy watching TWD, I have a love/hate relationship with the series.

What happened to Bob this week was HORRIBLE! Another stick-to-the-damn-comics moment (different character).

Did I say I talked to sister Sue (a couple of times), cousin Linda (twice), Donn several times and my friend June?

Well, it's bed time. I'm really tired...

Oh! Just ready the article from when I was Volunteer of the Year, so I used that photo that was taken then. (grin) Plus, I'm actually typing this on the computer, for a change. Most of the time I type it on my iPad these days...

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