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Sue and National Geographic Revisited

What spamming? You say I'm spamming? (smile) Sorry! (Honest!)

Marilyn and I decided if we skipped going out for Mexican food, we could afford to buy Sue that subscription to National Geographic for her birthday. (Yes, we've been going to go since my birthday, but we'll live!) So I've ordered it and the gift card should arrive in time. (Her bday is January 31.)

Marilyn did make a point of reminding me that we weren't supposed to be doing birthdays anymore. We agreed to that back in 2004, I think. And Marilyn asked what Sue had done for our bdays, when I acted like we hadn't really been following that... Being honest, I had to admit that I didn't remember Sue doing anything. Of course, she's had her bankruptcy and has been pretty broke. But she's still been going to cribbage tournaments constantly this past year, and has had a few 'windfalls' along the way.

I guess as we talked it out we just realized we didn't care whether she'd done anything for us or not. I think we'd both be glad if our friends and family stopped giving us gifts, period. The gesture means a great deal to us -- as does the love and friendship that's behind it. It's wonderful to have people think enough of you to want to give you something, but it's really not necessary. We have so much in our lives. We're grateful every single day. In fact, a day rarely passes that we don't say that to one another.

Anyway, when I told Sue about that gift for our neighbor, it was just clear she'd love to have the magazine herself. So I phoned Marilyn and we both agreed that 'it's only money.' (Funny, considering we'd just discussed this huge project Marilyn might be taking on, and the fact that she should receive some compensation for doing it, aside from her salary. After all, she did take a voluntary pay cut. And as I pointed out, that's far from the first time in her career she's put the good of the association above her own good! But what the hell. We look at cousin Linda who is just a step from living on the streets, and then we can't help but recognize how lucky we are...)

I won't go into our current work with our budget, as recent events have blown it to hell. No, we don't have the sudden need for a $98 car battery or my dental work budgeted in advance, even though we have some 'wiggle room' included for those expenses that always pop up. (grin) We're still trying hard to be good and not buy what we really don't need.

I just tried to phone Sue again to see how the test went, and I must have reached one of her visitors! When I asked if I was speaking to Sue, the woman said, "No, this is Linda." I apologized for dialing the wrong number and called the hospital back, annoyed that they'd given me the wrong direct dialing number!

Turned out they hadn't! They repeated the number I'd just dialed. I tell them it didn't reach Sue. They then connect me with the Nurses' Station and they give me the same number. (I used to do phones for a living, so I rarely misdial when I'm looking right at the number -- and I knew I'd dialed correctly.) Anyway, the nurse forwards the call and I get Sue, who just returned from her test. (And guess who is in the room with her? Her friend Linda! Sue says she's sure Linda didn't pick up the phone, but I'm sure she did! That's just so like Linda...)

Anyway, the test news was good! No leaking at all.

Marilyn has a 5:00 meeting that will at least go until 6:00, so I wanted to tell Sue we wouldn't be up until later this evening. She'll need to come home to get me, so we should eat a bite before we head there...

I'm actually mailing Sue this cute little pamphlet-style book (more than 70 pages) I discovered last week. I've no clue why I've got it, but it's one Marilyn and I gave to Sue back in March of 1980 entitled "Words to Get Well By."

It was released by the Franciscan Herald Press, which was founded in 1920 in Chigaco -- and which apparently no longer exists. The FHP was the predecessor of Franciscan Press, founded in 1991, now located at Quincy University in Quincy, Illinois. (I had no clue!)

The Franciscan Herald Press published "The Franciscan Herald," which was a monthly magazine that started in 1913 (now out of print). All I know is we used to have a lot of their little paperback books (pocket size) around. (But I used to donate by mail to a lot of charities and receive a ton of those things, so who knows?)

I thought she'd smile when she saw the previous inscription in the book, anyway. (And it's always fun to get mail while you're in the hospital...)

Well, better get it mailed off, hadn't I? (smile)

I promise this is my last spam entry for today!

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