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Update on Sue - Marilyn in the Newspaper - National Geographic Magazine

I just talked to Sue by phone and she sounded like she was doing really well. She has pain, of course, but thinks it's okay. (I'm glad to hear that! I had terrible pain in the middle of the night after my surgery. And Marilyn was in awful pain during the day after her surgery. But neither of us got our surgeries laparoscopically. I think it makes a big difference.)

She's now walked three times today. She was sitting up in a chair while we talked and someone changed her bed. She'd just had a shower, too! (I didn't have a shower for two days after my surgery.)

Sue said to say "thank you" when I told her some of my friends at LJ were keeping her in their prayers. (She doesn't really understand blogging, but seemed impressed by that gesture. Again, thanks from me, too!) I told her the next-door neighbors were also praying for her, and she said that was probably good, as they were the type to have a 'direct line' to God. (grin) (Edit: Both of them are on every church committee, drive the church bus, administer the church and do everything from working on the plumbing and painting the walls to singing in the church choir.)

So then I mentioned that Becky beckyo works for her church, and Sue laughed and said it sounded like she had a 'direct line' for sure! (smile)

So our neighbors are sending a plant up with Marilyn and me when we go up to visit her tonight. They don't want to visit her, because they feel she's already getting too many visitors. After hearing Sue's full list from yesterday just now, I concur! What were all those people thinking?

Daughter Candy and her friend Theresa took Sue there. Bob and Sue came all the way from The Dalles, even though Sue was slated for her own procedure today! Sue's friend Patsy and her daughter Stacey. Patsy is the friend who had breast cancer that Sue has done so much for. Add Sue's friend Linda and I think that's the full list. (At least her son Larry and his wife Tammy weren't there. I think they were going to get Nicole from school and keep her for Candy...)

Sue's spirits seem high, even though she was dying for a drink of water. (They still haven't done the test, so she'll need to wait on that.)

Marilyn was quoted on the front page of the metro section of the newspaper today. (About yesterday's press release that had radio and t.v. buzzing around the association.) I promised Sue I'd bring the article up to her so she could read it.

She was pleased to be 'in the know' when it was announced yesterday, as her friend Linda was pretty negative about the proposed change. (Tough, Linda. When you can pay the money for renting an expensive venue -- plus the additional staffing costs -- please be sure to ring me up!) Sue stuck up for the decision, but I doubt it made an impression. (Linda is pretty stubborn.)

I just spoke to Marilyn who had a long meeting today with the association's attorneys. She told me the meeting was 'interesting.' I look forward to hearing more about it later!

I finally ordered a subscription to National Geographic magazine for our friend and neighbor. His birthday is February 8, and we wanted to be sure the gift card would be here in time!

I love that magazine. I can recall times when we were kids that our parents took the magazine when they could barely afford to put food on the table. (Yes, there are things more important than food!)

I also remember that several of my LJ friends take the magazine, as well. I can't blame them! I have stacks of NGs around the house, because I read them over and over. I can't bear to part with them. Wonderful articles and photos!

Sue mentioned how much she liked the magazine. I wonder if we should break down and get her a subscription for her upcoming birthday? The gift card would probably never get here in time, but what the hell...

I'll need to phone Marilyn on that one! (I go to the dentist on Monday for the first appointment for that crown I need...)
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