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Windy Day -- Power Outage

Marilyn and I started our day with a wind storm and power outage. Actually, I never heard how high the winds were, but clearly enough to knock out the electricity in our area. When we phoned it in, it was 4,000 homes that had been impacted.

This woke us, because our alarm system makes noise as it goes down! So poor Colin was freaked out, both cats were upset (but Henry didn't get quite as shook up) and Marilyn and I had to deal with the alarm company. You need to contact them to make sure no alarm has been sent through -- and the system is tied to the house phone. And when there's no power, there's no house phone! It's interesting explaining that to the support guy on the phone. Obviously, they've changed that. They would have to, now that so many people don't have house phones (land lines). I remember years ago when we moved in, we had to get our phone installed right away in order to set up our alarm system. Anyway, that took some effort.

Marilyn couldn't get ready for work without power, so we went back to bed for a bit. Sister Sue phoned, but the same was true for me, so I told her I'd call later.

Marilyn did get to work (of course), and Sue and I went for Starbucks and had a nice visit, before I did some shopping at Freddies.

I cleaned up the kitchen, put up a new lightbulb in our home office (a big pain!!!) and phoned Hector about the yard and gutters. And I had Donn come out. My computer had given me a serious message about my CPU fan, so he needed to be sure all was well. He cleaned out the tower, focusing on the dust in the fans. If you -- like me -- don't tend to open your CPU, you should find out how to do it, get some canned air and make sure all is clean. Years ago I had a tower burn up, so it's really no joke!

The other thing I spent time on today was setting up a Box.Net account. I've been using it for years for the festival (I think I set up that account in 2010), but only rarely. It looks like it might be a good way to transfer files between mobile devices and desktop and laptop computers. Anyway, I'm going to test it all out. The cool thing is working with moving transparent pings to your iPad from your computer! It's not all that easy, otherwise.

We had chili and hot dogs for dinner -- a fave meal this time of year!

I heard on the news that today was our coldest day since May. We didn't reach 60' today. I was wearing socks all day, and got out my coat with a hood when I went out. Plus I wore a shirt with long sleeves today. Autumn is officially with us, at last!

Poor Old Yeller (June named him). He's a stray cat with a really bad hip. He limps around looking for food. This evening he was eating the scraps I'd put out, so I opened him a can of dog food. He has some buddy hanging around with him, so they both got a good bite.

I'm yawning now, so I can't wait to lie down with my Kindle...

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