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12-Hour Day -- So Tired!

Marilyn and I left for work at 7:00 (which obviously means we were up much earlier). And we got home tonight by 7:00 p.m. Another long and tiring day!

Marilyn wore her new dress to work today -- she really looked nice and got a lot of compliments! She wore some lovely pumps (she's actually had those for years), but they had tall heels (!!!). She walked out to her lunch meeting, so her feet were really killing her by the end of the day. She changed shoes for our LONG walk up to Broadway (!!!), but by the time we got back to the office we were both sore and tired! We're still recovering from last week -- and especially Friay. We've sure given our legs and feet a workout. (sigh) We're both out of shape, that's for sure.

As usual, I was up and down the stairs so many times today...

Donn was in, so we got some IT done. Marilyn and I reviewed the It budget, and I'm broke for this fiscal year. Thankfully it's budget time -- and the new fiscal year starts on November 1.

We did brainstorming on the Living History characters for 2015. That was interesting, and even fun. Work, but sometimes work CAN be fun!

I need to do some research on TeamViewer, maybe I'll work on that tomorrow...

I'm kind of hoping sister Sue can take me shopping tomorrow. Marilyn has a killer day tomorrow, so I know she won't feel like grocery shopping. But we're out of everything! Bread, rice, milk and on and on... Oh well.

Marilyn is sound asleep on the sofa. She's sore, tired and cranky (or so she said!). The cats are snoozing, too. I hope to head to bed with my Kindle as soon as I'm done blogging...

Angel is able to Remote, thanks to a long session today with Donn. Carol should be next. Her machine at work is ready. Donn will walk her through her laptop soon. Stephanie was set up last week.

Oh! Today was Carol's birthday, so I took her some chocolate and a card. She and Brian sold their house -- a great bday gift! That was our long walk tonight -- for the staff to go and celebrate her bday (and the Auction) with drinks.

As for the Auction, the numbers at this point are really, really good! Around $120,000! We juat barely made over $100,000 last year, so this is amazing. Those are early numbers, so they might change, still. But hopefully not. We're all pleased. This event is a ton of work to produce...

Oh! Sam (the sound guy from the Auction) contacted me via email. He had our glass fish! It was left behind Friday -- he found it around midnight. I spoke to him, and he kindly brought it by today. People were really glad, as we've had it for ages.

Didn't mention the name of the place we walked to: Raven & Rose. It is really cute. But quite a walk from the office!

So TIRED. That's it for today...

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