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Clothes for the Auction? Success!

It was another busy day while Marilyn and I were at the office. She had two meetings this morning, one with Mike (a powerful COO of another organization) that sounds like it was an amazing experience. During the meeting he said a lot of really positive things about her. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall, that's for sure!

While she was in these meetings, I worked on the rebuild of the Auction PowerPoint presentation, which takes some time. You open the original, then a new blank PP, then tou copy and paste each slide, one at a time. It went smoothly, and then I packaged it for a jump drive and moved it to both my laptop and the festival laptop. Interestigly enugh, it didn't play correctly on mine! It's a very inexpensive machine, and I guess it's just not as powerful as the other laptop. The stats are pretty close. And we HAVE used my laptop for other PPs in the past. So I was surprised. But at least it plays just fine on the other laptop. (That does mean we don't have a backup laptop, but hopefully we won't need one!)

Marilyn got the additional work done on the scripts (she was waiting on info from Carol). And her other work done, too.

In the afternoon we took off to pick up me prescriptions, and to go shop for clothes.

We went to Macy's at the Lloyd Center and did very well! I got black leggings (really NICE ones!)and a sheer, dressy black top covered with faux gems on the front. Marilyn found two AMAZING dresses (!!!), both on sale -- so she got them both. She's going to wear the pink and black one, which is perfect. She has a cape to wear that reads 'Super Marilyn' on the back (Arthur got it for her), that's pink. The dress looks wonderful on her, and has a delightful retro look. I just love it! The second dress is stunning, and really looks expensive. There was no tag on it, so I had to find a store associate and get help on the price. I was so shocked when she told me the price (under $25) that I made her repeat it. (smile)

We were heading to look at shoes when we came across Spencer's and just had to go in. We picked up a few things there, too.

She wanted PINK shoes for her dress, and we found them for $8 (!!!). But when we got them home, it was two left shoes! What a disappointment! Maybe we'll try and get out tomorrow to try the shoes again, if we have time...

We came home by 6:30 (!!!), which felt 'like a party' (as we like to say). Gosh, it was nice to eat at a reasonable hour! We had Hawaiian pork with rice (we just love it!).

After dinner we were watching TV and I fell asleep sitting up. So I went to have a nap. Now I need to do the garbage and recycling. And decide if I'm going to try and color my hair, or just wash it.

The garbage takes around half an hour (or so), and my hair usually takes around an hour, so I'd better get to it!

Tomorrow will be another very busy day! Aside from the Auction, there's a fleet-related event around noon.

I was asked again today if festival work is 'year round.' By a person who never works overtime by even ten minutes and never works weekends. Seriously??? Many people just don't believe the hours we work when we tell them, probably because it seems so unreal. And there's this belief that working for the festival is a simple and easy job. Well, drop by sometime and volunteer for us, if that's what you think. We'll see if we can't educate you... Hahaha! And let's see how many people in their 60's can keep up, shall we? I already know lots of far younger people who can keep pace.

I'd better go get to it! I'm excited about the Auction. And it's exciting not to be sick this year! I'm almost always sick for the Auction because of seasonal allergies (some years worse than others).

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