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The PowerPoint is DONE! (woo hoo)

We got home from work at around 11:00 tonight. We did stop on the way home to pick up cat treats and a couple minor things from the store, plus we got dollar ice cream cones from McDonald's. (grin) We sure earned those cones today!!!

And WHAT A DAY it was! Rich and I walked over for Starbucks while Marilyn worked. Then she had a meeting. And THEN we went to City Hall -- a big group of us -- where Marilyn was giving testimony today regarding the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

There were still in the middle of an environmental thing when we first arrived. We had to wait nearly an hour and half (!!!) before they reached our topic -- and several of those of us who had gone were on heavy deadlines for our Auction (which is this Friday). Just buried with work, in other words... Carol, Ashley and Danielle all attended!!! Plus Frank and Ron (from the board) were there (Ron also testified).

Marilyn did a GREAT job! I was really proud of her!

Then it was back to the office to get back to WORK. There was just so much stuff to do!!!

Marilyn and I did take a break to go out and get lunch, thankfully. We ate while working. Then we were on the PowerPoint presentation for the afternoon and evening and into the night. At one point I finally suggested I take it over, so Marilyn could work on all the Auction scripts she needed to write. So I went upstairs to my computer and started to add slides.

I was far less successful than Marilyn for several reasons. I've never really worked with the 2007 version of the MS PowerPoint application -- I was familiar with 2003. And it's really been AGES since I had hands on one of these projects. Generally I just do support for Marilyn now, finding photos she needs and processing those (resizing and/or enhancing them). Plus I actually create graphic images, like the background slides we use.

Anyway, I did do a few slides. Then I went back to Marilyn who was done with her scripts and ready to help me actually finish. We got done right around 10:00 p.m.

Tomorrow we'll need to rebuild it and tweak it out. When you do this sort of PowerPoint, you edit it so much that it corrupts it, so you have to take each slide and dump it into a fresh PowerPoint, which takes care of any issues. But doing that usually speeds it up, which means it changes out our carefully timed transitions that make it work perfectly with the music! So that's where the tweaking comes in.

It's hard to believe how many hours and hours go into making a three and a half minute presentation! But it's satisfying to do this. Years ago we'd have paid some person or company to create something for us. And last year we had others create a video production for us. But really, we're the ones who know best how to represent the festival -- so we're the ones who need to produce these...

Anyway, I'm beat and my eyes are freaked out and I'm ready to go to bed. Tomorrow will be yet another busy day!!! We had dinner when we got home, eating around 11:30. Boy, were we starved!

Tomorrow Marilyn has morning meetings -- plus a bunch of nominating reports that she needs to do. Anyway, our goal is to go shopping for our Auction clothes in the afternoon. Then to TRY and get home at a reasonable hour. We both need to do our hair before bed. And it's garbage night, too...

Anyway, we'd like to get to bed and get some decent rest tomorrow night, prior to Friday!!!

I've neglected to share some interesting IT things this week. But I'm just too damn tired to care right now. I wonder if I'll remember later on?

Oh! And it was another HOT and sunny day! Just amazing summer-like weather! Hard to believe...

Good night all!!!

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