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Sue's Surgery

It's almost noon and I'm still waiting to hear more on Sue's condition after surgery. (sigh)

We talked by phone early this morning and she was a bit out of it, but doing very well!

She told me she was up and walked last night and again early this morning. She also said she'd had good nurses so far -- including the night shift. (I'll never forget that awful, unkind nurse I had the first night after my surgery. I was in terrible pain and she wasn't sympathetic or helpful at all. If you hate what you're doing, why not go into a different line of work?)

Sue's morning nurse was named Marilyn. And her night nurse was Eileen. (Sue has a good friend by that name.) I think she saw those at good signs!

Anyway, she was supposed to be having a test where she drank some kind of dye and then they did something to see if there was any leaking going on. So she wasn't even being allowed to drink water, except for sucking those sponges on a stick that they dip in water for you.

I told her to call when she got back from her test and let me know how it was going, but no word yet... I want to phone, but I hate to bother her. (And she might be down getting the test right now.)

I wonder when her daughter Candy is going up there today?

Marilyn and I are planning to go the minute Marilyn gets off work...

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