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At Work Doing Auction Stuff

Yes, it's a 'Marilyn Monday.' But we needed to come in to work anyway, so here we are!

We're working on the Auction PowerPoint. Well, Marilyn is doing the heavy lifting on this (as she has for years and years). I'm just helping out as much as I possibly can.

Right now I'm resizing images that are way too big. For the record (I've probably said this before), you don't need (or WANT) your images in a PowerPoint to be more than 600 x 600 pixels in size. You can easily stretch smaller images, but big images make the entire presentation too big to work with.

Next I need to make some WORDS that are actually images -- transparent pings. And make sure we have all the logos and so on that we need.

The weather here? It's currently 85' and just heartbreakingly beautiful! Sunny, mostly GREEN trees (with a small amount of color change) and deep blue skies. Stunning and warm! Wow. It's hard to believe it's October 6!

Marilyn and I had grilled tuna sandwiches from Anne's Deli. These are EXPENSIVE for sandwiches, but really a fave of ours -- and delish! I also had soup. It was yummy, and perfectly hot (I like hot soup).

We can have casserole when we get home from work, as we have about half a casserole as leftovers. Maybe we can get some corn on the cob to have, too!

Well, I'd better get back to work!

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