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Went to See "Gone Girl"

Marilyn and I went to see the movie "Gone Girl" tonight. I'm not going yo share any of the details of this movie, because even describing it could spoil it for you as a potential viewer. In fact, you shouldn't follow the link I just shared if you want to see it without knowing details.

Let me just say that both Marilyn and I really enjoyed this film. I highly recommend it. It was very engaging. It really wasn't what I was expecting.

As a total aside, Rosamund Pike who plays Amy really resembles the character Emily Thorne (Amanda Clarke), played by Emily VanCamp on the series "Revenge." Especially at the end of the movie.

It's a very long movie, two and a half hours long! But there's never a boring moment.

Tonight "Revenge" was on, of course. We watched it on DVR when we got home. I won't give away any details, but I'll just say the series is even less realistic than it used to be. They could have used some help coming up with a story for David Clarke! We're sure missing Conrad Grayson, that's for sure...

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