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Busy Saturday -- Work on the Auction

Marilyn and I went in to the office today. We knew we were going to need to work this weekend, so it was no big deal. There were a lot of people there, all working on the Auction, which happens next week.

As for staff, it was Carol, Ashley, Christine and the two of us. Then there were a bunch of board members, too. It was fun when Leslie came by, wearing her Wonder Woman t-shirt! She also had on cool Wonder Woman tennis shoes! She's going to be dressed as Wonder Woman for the Auction, which has the theme: Petals, Pearls & Superheroes. (Marilyn and I just love Leslie!)

Marilyn and I started narrowing down the background slides I made yesterday.

This was interesting, by the way. We've always used a certain standard size for PowerPoint backs. I've used the pixel size 960 x 720 for years. But now with the wide screen format, I needed to adjust for 16:9 format. So I had to resize all my slides accordingly. (I'd totally forgotten that when I was building these yesterday...)

Marilyn was typing up the script for our auctioneer, so I was helping out at one point by proofing the Copy. I used to proof things all the time, but I don't seem to get the chance as much anymore. I think I'm pretty good at it, actually. It's certainly a necessary skill...

I also was working on gathering some photos that Marilyn might want to use in the PowerPoint. And I was developing some elements, too. I think I've mentioned before that it's very effective to create images with transparent backgrounds and same them as pings (.png). These can be used very effectively in PowerPoints.

I don't think I mentioned that Carol and her husband Brian are buying a new house. It's being built right now. Carol showed us a photo yesterday. So they really need to sell their current house, and they're doing a bunch of work to get it ready. Tomorrow they're painting. I'm really excited for them.

Marilyn and I got home around 7:30. The cool thing? We were really hungry, but we didn't have to cook! We had the casserole I fixed yesterday. All we had to do was heat up bowls full of casserole. Yummy!

We had planned to take naps and maybe go to a movie, but we ended up sleeping too long. That's okay -- we were obviously tired.

The weather!!! Wow! It was in the 80's today! And it might hit 90' tomorrow! Folks, it's October! It's just hard to believe! It's hard to tell about the weather when you're at the office. The temperatures are up and down and differ widely from one area to another.

Anyway, that was Saturday!

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