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Busy Day -- Homecoming Parade

Today was the Homecoming Parade for Roosevelt High School. So Marilyn broke away from work and came home to get me so we could go get photos of the Roosevelt float. Carla (on our board) and Gary were involved with building it this year.

Marilyn got here late, so we were headed over and suddenly saw the float going the wrong way -- back toward the school! We went around and around trying to reason it out, then headed down Lombard and were clearly BEHIND the parade. We ended up down near the Community Center. We parked as close as we could get, then as we got out of the car walking that direction, a motorcycle cop caught sight of my Roosevelt tee and said we were just in time (!!!). There were many spectators, so the parade participants were excited to see the two of us there watching and taking photos!

After the parade had passed by heading back toward the school, we went to get Starbucks. Then Marilyn dropped me home to wait for sister Sue, and headed back to the office.

Sue came by and got me and then took me to Freddies. While I was there, Mark called, so I was doing my shopping and talking to him at the same time (!!!). He really wants to see me, so he's talking about next week. I don't know about that, with the Auction coming up! But we'll see...

I got a lot of heavy stuff, so it was something hauling it all into the house! Cases of pop and a case of water and those big bottles of water we get for the cats. Plus bags of kitty litter. A lot of stuff, yet I STILL managed not to get everything! (I needed chili, but it wasn't on my list, so...) I was pretty tired after I got it all in the house and put away!

I forgot to mention that I converted the song for the Auction first thing today! I used the same method that I talked about in THIS entry back in 2012. Works so GREAT!!! Back in 2011 I was beside myself because the software I used to use was no longer on my computer -- and I was unable to find it anywhere that I could download without getting malware at the same time. But the online converter is just great. I even want to donate to them, because it's such a break to be able to get my music so easily and quickly!

If you've never made PowerPoint presentation with embedded music, then you don't know that you MUST have the music in the .wma format. Period. It just won't work otherwise. Trust me, Marilyn and I have been doing these for years now, so I know what I'm talking about! But as long as you have a .wma song, then you're in business.

In the afternoon I did some dishes (two loads today). Then I spent ages working on background slides for PowerPoint. I had some ideas of what I wanted and what colors I wanted. We almost always work with one colored slide and one of the same design in gray tones -- that way you can go back and forth between them, depending on whether your images are color or black and white. Fading from one to another makes a great effect.

I got pretty carried away. I think at last count I had a total of 90+ background images. But I enjoy the work -- and I get pretty creative. I used to think I should start a website where I share hints on making PowerPoints, plus my slides and elements, too.

I'm interested to see which ones Marilyn likes...

She didn't get home from work until around 9:00 p.m., by the way. (Ironic, considering she had told me she didn't want to be at the office until 8:00 tonight -- and she was there until 8:30.) Marilyn has been swamped both yesterday and today, after being off for a couple of days sick...

I made hot dogs for dinner and she made baked beans (which I love). I also made a casserole, which we'll be able to eat this weekend. I should have done that earlier today (!!!). I had intended to, but totally forgot it! (We got a chicken yesterday so I could make a chicken and rice casserole.) It wasn't much trouble to throw it together while the hot dogs were cooking...

Marilyn and the cats are all sound asleep in the living room while I type this. I'm sure she's exhausted. I doubt she feels all that great, still -- and she's work very hard (and late) both Thursday and today.

As for me, my allergies are KILLING me. I'm taking lots of pills to try and control them, but it's not much help. Clearly it's going to be tough for the next month or so.

The weather today was LOVELY! Deep blue skies and sunshine. I heard on the news that it was 80' today! And we're expecting more such nice days, too.

Oh! I talked to Kris for ages today. He wanted to sell the festival a 20" monitor -- but the last thing we need is any more monitors! I tried to get him to go to the Auction, but I don't think that's happening...

I started to write a long explanation about what's going on with cousin Linda right now, but it's just too complicated and UPSETTING to describe. Anyway, she's very ill (mentally and emotionally) and can really use good thoughts and prayers. (I'm praying for her as I type this.) From what Marilyn and I found out today, she's currently homeless and hungry. I'll just leave it at that, because I really don't know the details all that well -- and communication with her is difficult. I'll try not to dwell on it too much here.

Well, it's late, so I think I'll head to bed. We have to work at the office this weekend. It's okay: We expect it this time of year with the Auction coming up so soon!

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