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So Tired Tonight (Work at the Office Today)

I'm so tired tonight that I keep yawning and yawning. My eyes are watering so hard that tears are streaming down my cheeks. Good grief!

Oh! I wore the top I have on in this icon to work today! (smile)

And I need to go start the garbage and recycling, considering it's now 11:30. (sigh)

Marilyn was bad again last night, and I checked on her many times during the night. I just didn't sleep well at all last night.

This morning I thought Marilyn would stay home, but she just felt she had to go in, she had so much to do. So I had cancelled Donn via text, but I phoned and told him to come in. We made it in by 9:30.

It was a long day. We got home around 8:00. But it's little wonder. There was a lot to do!

Marilyn and I spent a lot of time trying to pick a song for the Auction PowerPoint presentation. We may have a winner, so tomorrow I need to get a copy and convert it to the correct format. It's a lot of work, but hopefully it will work just fine. The main issue is that I only do it once a year, so I forget how to do it! (grin)

Donn got some stuff done and we discussed other work. There's a lot that needs to be done. He set up a computer for Angel, but I couldn't get it to Remote. What a pain...

Rich came in for around an hour or so. I wanted to talk to him about SmugMug. He's doing really well after his recent surgery!

I did get the recent Pinnacle Award results up at the website, then I did a news item to go with it.

Marilyn and I stopped very briefly at the store to get something to cook for dinner. I need to go and get a bunch of stuff. Maybe sister Sue will have time to take me tomorrow...

I did fix tomatoes and rice for dinner (after buying rice and flour at the store).

Well, I might be forgetting things, but I need to wrap this up and move on to the garbage and recycling.

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