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Quiet Autumn Day

Marilyn was home sick again today. And I'm not sure she's feeling all that well right now.

We spent the day quietly, again. Not really differently from yesterday.

I did speak briefly to sister Sue. She hasn't been feeling that well, but said she was feeling a little better. She's still tired out from her cribbage tournament, and has been working on balancing her fluids since then.

I was a little congested today, and had a sore throat. But my allergies could be a lot worse, so it's okay.

In exciting news, Marilyn got THREE messages from one of the writers of "Revenge" who is active at Instagram! Even one message would have impressed us, but three is pretty amazing. There was a lot of Commenting going on at one of Marilyn's accounts, so it's pretty interesting to know that he read what all of us were saying. It's a real red letter day!

We're supposed to go to work tomorrow, but I'm still worried about Marilyn. I'm not sure she's up to going back. I guess we'll see in the morning.

We did both shower and do our hair tonight. It's really lovely bathing in our VERY clean bathtubs! We both enjoyed our separate bathrooms.

We're expecting some continued lovely weather here. Very nice, now that it's October.

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