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"Forever" and "Revenge" and Other TV (Marilyn Home Sick)

Marilyn and I are watching the TV series "Forever" -- featuring actors Ioan Gruffudd (whom we LOVE), Alana De La Garza and Judd Hirsch. It's apparently received poor reviews, which surprises me. Ioan is just so CHARMING! (He played Lancelot in the 2004 movie "King Arthur," which was a favorite.) yes, it's an odd concept, and he 'dies' and comes back to life all the time, but how is that more strange than zombies, vampires and other ideas taken for granted these days.

(By the way, we both think he's more attractive now as Henry then he was back when he was Lancelot. Age CAN improve people!)

Marilyn is really not feeling well. She suddenly got sick last evening and put in a very rough night. Trouble breathing and quite restless. Anyway, she stayed home from work today and stayed down all day long. We watched TV and played on our iPads, and that was it.

Today there were a lot of reactions to "Revenge," and it was fascinating. Saw "Castle" last night -- another frustrating premiere. TV gets harder and harder to watch and enjoy...

But we did watch a batch of "Leave It To Beaver" episodes today (we have them on our DVR). Good scripts, good writing, good acting and direction -- they hold up so well! I often laugh out loud, even when I've seen them before.

And I adore old episodes of "Dragnet," too. Even when episodes about pot, that are so over the top! Hahaha.

Well, it's hard to believe, but tomorrow is the first day of October. You can't tell by the weather, which is so mild! It seems like autumn is just now starting -- barely!

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