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'Marilyn Monday' Fun

We started out our day going to McDonald's to get sausage biscuits on the breakfast menu. And their lattes.

Then we decided to take a ride. We had no idea where we were going, but we like to try and do fun things on 'Marilyn Mondays' (Marilyn gets her Mondays off this time of year).

Somehow we ended up heading toward Mt. Hood. Then we decided to head up to Timberline Lodge. Neither one of us had been there in years. The weather was beautiful up there, clear and sunny. It was overcast down in Portland.

We wandered all around and would have gotten coffee or something, but nothing was open. Marilyn bought me a beautiful ring in the gift shop as a memento of being there.

On the way home we stopped at the The Ivy Bear, another place we hadn't been to in years (and years). We might have had something to eat or drink there, but when we went inside the place reeked of disinfectant! What a shame. Anyway, it's exciting to see the place being actively used -- and the famous ivy bear outside being grown again. When we were kids there was a huge ivy bear, created on a wooden frame. A fire burned the bear down. Then they made a new frame that's metal, but I can't recall them ever getting the bear to grow again. And often the place has been closed over the years. It's a shame we couldn't stay there, but I'm glad we stopped to take some photos.

It sprinkled a bit on the way home, but it was quite light. Interesting though, remembering how sunny it was up on the mountain.

Tonight we had leftover hot dogs for dinner, with a pot of chili. And we watched the season premiere of "Castle," which was VERY annoying.

It was really a lovely day, I have to say.

Unfortunately, Marilyn's not feeling well tonight. She was having issues with allergies a bit during the day, and again tonight. But she told me she felt achy, so I'm concerned. I hope she doesn't get worse...

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