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More Cleaning Today

More cleaning today. Actually, though, I spent a bunch of time working on laundry. I caught up everything in the laundry room (shock) -- but I have quite a bit of folding to do. That includes the stuff for the beach house. We tend to bring our laundry home (towels and linens) to do here.

I also had the towels we use in the cat kennels to wash...

And I scrubbed out the laundry room sinks. Plus the tops of the washer and dryer. Funny note: Recently these were spattered with brown-ish wet stains. I couldn't find ANY sign of a leak anywhere. Then I showed it to Marilyn. She reasoned out that when I had over-filled the coffee pot and it had gone down on the floor it leaked through. (The people who laid our floor years ago did a bad job in that corner. Because we have furniture on top of it, we never realized it until long after. It still doesn't show, but it would be nice to get a new kitchen floor someday, if we could afford it. ANYWAY, I cleaned up the spattery mess, finally!

Loving my clean bath/shower. Well, cleaner, anyway. It's so old it just won't clean all that well. But it's much better now.

Did more graphics I needed to get done, too...

And today was garbage day, so I got it all done. There was a lot of compost this week.

I took time to process the six peppers we bought. Gutting them, then slicing them all up. These are in the freezer now. The end pieces I diced up to use for other cooking.

Can't think what else I did right now. But I'm tired. Ready for bed!

Oh, yeah: I did my pills. This is actually a big job. There are 14 every morning and 8 every night. So it takes some time to do all of them. Naturally I got a phone call in the middle -- so I had to stop and scrub my hands again, then carefully dry them. Annoying!

I tried to call Shari, but she didn't answer. But I did reach Rich! He had knee surgery recently, so I wanted to check in with him.

Marilyn was quite late (tied up with nominating). She's exhausted.

Colin slept with me ALL night long last night!!! And Henry did much of the night (when not in cat bed).

I'm forgetting stuff, but I'm off to bed...

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