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Autumn is Officially Here

Sister Sue phoned early and asked if I wanted to go with her to her shoe appointment. I needed to do my hair, so we agreed to meet up after, instead.

I needed to either wash my hair (very dirty after cleaning house yesterday), or color it. Hair color takes better on dirty hair, so I really wanted to color it, even though that's a big pain. (If you color your hair, you know what I mean -- especially if you have long hair.) Anyway, I got right in and colored my hair. That's a shock, because I usually drag it out because I hate doing it so much. (grin)

I got it done before Sue got to the house, but I needed to dry my hair and put on makeup (I was dressed, though). So she watched 'her show' ("The Young and the Restless") while I got ready. (Funny thing: When that show originally aired it was considered different than other soaps -- and they were gearing it toward a young audience. Marilyn and I watched it for some time in our college days. Mom wasn't a fan back then. And, of course, when Sue still worked she watched very little TV -- and no soaps. In other words, this used to be 'my show' -- way back when!)

Sue took me to pick up my pills, then shopping at Freddies. I got a lot of stuff we needed -- but, of course, I managed to forget some stuff. Oh well. We also stopped at McDonald's and I picked up some of those bugers we love -- which are apparently about to 'go away.' Marilyn can take them to work tomorrow, as she has to work really late.

I got home and packed everything in and put it away. I was tired from yesterday, and it was really humid today. So I didn't get in right away to work on cleaning my bathroom. But I did do some graphics I needed to do. And some other minor chores.

Around 3:00 I had to take some 'blue' (allergy meds -- the pills are really blue!). My allergies were killing me today -- and still are tonight. Around 5:00 I started working on my bathtub. Then at 6:00 Marilyn phoned as she was heading home. So I didn't finish the bathroom, but i did get a start!

Wow, is my back sore tonight, by the way. With Two days of major bending for ages while cleaning, it's little wonder.

Must mention that Commissioner Amanda Fritz's husband died in a terrible car accident today. Sue had mentioned that she knew of three accidents when we talked. The first big rain after a very dry summer means the rain made it very slick out there. He was a wonderful man -- and he and Amanda have three kids. Very sad. We have a lot of interaction with her via the festival. In fact, the festival featured this at our Facebook page, indicating our support and prayers (which I shared at my own Facebook).

I fixed us corn on the cob for dinner (for starters), then a batch of fried green and red tomatoes, with fried zucchini and rice. Yummy!

June told me that Cousin Linda wants to join Pioneer Methodist Church again. Of course, she grew up in that church, just like Marilyn and I did (I first attended that church in the womb). Linda still feels attached, but it's not surprising. We went to Sunday school there, church services and choir for many, many years. She went back their once before, but didn't stick with it, so I don't know if she'll keep with it. And after her recent break she's pretty confused (crazy). But God doesn't care if we're crazy or not, so who knows? Maybe this will help her...

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