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I started in early cleaning the bath tub/shower in Marilyn's bathroom. We struggle with rust stains in the bathrooms and kitchen, due to our really old pipes. (The house was built in 1954.) Anyway, I started in early and worked on it for several hours.

I was telling my friend June, I tried getting on my knees and leaning into the tub to scrub it, but that wouldn't work. June asked if I climbed inside, which I did try -- but that made a mess (mainly of me). So the only way was to stand outside and lean down. Not too simple, but it worked. I suppose it could have gone faster, but it seemed so warm in the room. Anyway, I used a variety of cleaning products and was delighted by how nicely it turned out.

I also cleaned off her small shelf unit. It gets 'dusted' with her powder, from the can that sits on top that she uses daily. So sweet smelling and lovely!

I also did a load of dishes and some laundry. Plus I did some graphics work I needed to get done.

I talked to our friend Shari today -- for the first time in months! Really nice. And June and I talked today, too. Oh! And I talked to sister Sue, as well (twice).

I didn't phone Rich, but I'll try and do that tomorrow. At least I phoned Shari, which I've wanted to do for ages now.

I didn't need to cook dinner tonight, as we had leftovers from last night.

Marilyn had a busy day -- and got home late. I'm glad food was easy for her dinner.

It rained today, and is supposed to get really heavy in the middle of the night. I might need to get Hector out tomorrow to check the gutters for me again. I sure don't want any flooding!

Watching the new TV show "Forever" as I type this. Marilyn and I watched the first episode On Demand from 9:00-10:00 to be ready for tonight's show. We really LOVE it! It's a great new series!

(Cousin Linda just called here -- we really don't encourage her to phone late...)

And that's my Tuesday!

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