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Dallas Two-Hour Finale -- Lots of Chores

Marilyn and I actually got up at a decent hour today. We find it hard to do that on the weekend, as a rule. Our time off is so much about getting LOTS OF SLEEP these days.

We went to McDonald's to get the sausage biscuits that we love, plus some iced coffee. Then we headed down to Sauvie Island to Kruger's Farm to U-Pick green tomatoes. We also got some corn, apples, zucchini -- plus some peppers and onions (we're thinking maybe we'll fry up a mess of onions and peppers to eat -- we haven't done that in ages).

I spent ages 'processing' all the produce when we finally got home. I washed everything (except the corn and onions) and carefully dried it all. Each item has a place in the kitchen. Plus we're putting a big bowl of the green tomatoes in the fridge, which helps keep them green. (It's essential to both wash and dry them first, or they'll quickly rot if they're at all damp or dirty.)

But before we came back home after going to Kruger's, we went directly over to Hayden Island to get our nails done -- both manicures and pedicures. (Manicures isn't what you tell them, though! It's either a 'Fill' or a 'Full Set' there. We both ended up having fills...) It takes quite some time to have both done at the same time, but we really needed it. Marilyn did red for both, and I had a French on my toes, plus blue with a sparkle-blue topcoat on my fingernails. All turned out lovely!

We came home for awhile and watched some TV and did other things. (That's when I worked on all the produce.) Later on we took care of some more errands.

Oh! I talked to friend June in the afternoon.

And the office called (Christine) just when we'd left the house about an IT issue -- the phones. I was supposed to get back to her, but never did! But she did text me that the phones were back up, so I guess what we discussed on the phone about the situation was good enough, happily.

Still enjoying reading on my Kindle (surprise). I'm actually in the middle of several books right now, going back and forth...

And we went to Lloyd Center to the Food Court to get Hawaiian food for dinner. The place is called Ocean Aloha, and has a really yummy pork dish we both like!

We got home just in time for the "Dallas" two-hour finale. I won't spoil, but they've been going on and on all week that a Ewing would die tonight. Yes, a Ewing DID die. That makes Drew and this other person this season. Really, "Dallas" execs??? I have no clue why they felt it was important to kill off yet another character. This isn't "Revenge" or "The Walking Dead," after all! Let's just skip ridiculous character deaths, shall we? Drew's death (as sad as it was) at least made some sense. But this was just STUPID. Anyway, if you watched, let me know if you agree or not...

Got to head to bed soon. Marilyn has a REALLY LONG DAY (in what will be a very busy and LONG week -- with two late nights) tomorrow. We're expecting RAIN all week long, starting tomorrow. (And they're saying heavy rain tomorrow!!!)

Well, yesterday was the last 'official' day of summer -- and autumn began around seven-ish this evening. So I guess it's time for the change. We had a lovely, long summer here!

The zucchini we got today was PERFECT! What you'd expect to see in August, not September! The same for the lemon cukes (forgot to mention them before) and (of course) the green tomatoes! Interesting summer, that's for sure.

Leaves are now starting to fall, but many are STILL GREEN.

I think that's all for today. Sister Sue got home. I hope to see her this week.

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