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Dinner Out with June and Jim

This evening Marilyn and I went to dinner at a new place in St. John's called Brekken's (it used to be the Portland Rose Chinese restaurant). It's located right on Lombard, not far from the St. John's Theater.

June had invited us some time back to go and hear the performer that was going to sing at the restaurant. They apparently have live music quite often, which I think is pretty cool. Their church had decided to have their monthly birthday gathering there. September is June's bday month, so she was one of those honored.

Marilyn and I were supposed to meet another friend, but we postponed and quickly got ready so we could attend -- and we were both glad we did! Pioneer Methodist Church was our church as children and youths (through high school). Mom started attending there before we were born. Anyway, more about that another time...

We met June and Jim there, and actually arrived early. Betty had us sit in a corner booth, which ended up being a perfect spot. We ordered drinks and greeted the people we knew.

It was a good-sized group for this small restaurant, maybe 30 of us. Robert and his accompaninist performed almost the entire time. He sings jazz, a lot of period pieces from the 30's, 40's and 50's. June said his name is Robert, but I don't believe he ever introduced himself.

It was fun singing along, which he encouraged. Marilyn and I know A LOT of music from a lot of different periods, so we knew many of the songs.

The food was very good. We both had salads. We'd eat there again, for sure.

June and Jim paid (they literally grabbed our check!!!), which was sweet and generous of them! Marilyn gave $20 to the tip bucket for the singer, then added another $20 when June and Jim paid for our meal. (She's always very generous and it makes me proud to be her sister.)

Again, we're so glad we went. Interesting to go somewhere with live music while you dine! And we're SO LUCKY to have such good friends! (We love June and Jim!)

Sister Sue called when we got home. Apparently she had tried to phone last night while we were at the movie.

She's been having a lovely time, but was very tired. It was nice to hear from her. She gets home tomorrow night.

Many (sigh) chores to get done tomorrow, I'm afraid. That's okay. We took it easy and relaxed today, so...

Bed soon!

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