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Plumber, Laundry, Dishes, Etc.

The plumber (Terry) came for our estimate appointment this morning. I really liked him. And like Mike, from Comcast, he clearly knew his stuff. He gave me sound advice, listened to what I said and went away to check on the product he'd suggested. He phoned back later and told me the toilet was in stock. Plus they can install TOMORROW (!!!), which is great news! And Marilyn had told me to make sure the total cost was under $500, and it actually ended up under $400. I'm very pleased.

The base will work great with the existing floor, thank God. I'm getting the taller model (love those so much), with a good quality seat. This is the better quality flush, too. The toilet is American Standard, which is what Crouchley Plumbing recommends. By the way, we've used this company our entire lives (Mom and Dad used them before us) I enjoy working with small businesses whenever possible.

In other household news, I've been doing laundry, washed a load of dishes and have nearly finished the garbage and recycling (except for the cat boxes). It rained overnight, but I'm not sure if we've had rain today, or not. But it's totally overcast. Muggy, too!

Marilyn and I have the (festival) Clown Corps dinner tonight, one of the reasons I wanted the garbage and recycling done early.

Marilyn just called from the car and is on her way home! Wonderful! She got away in good time. We're supposed to have a large group tonight, which I'm looking forward to.

Saw a photo of sister Sue at Facebook at her cribbage tournament. Hope she's having fun.

Cousin Linda WAS in lockdown, which she probably needed, but she got out somehow today. This is not happy news, as I really feel she needs the help.

Off to our dinner soon!

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